It is pretty sad we as a nation have to set aside a day to encourage people to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty that is spring in Minnesota....

The weather outside this spring has been, cold, gray and drab for, it seems, more days than it has been nice.
What that means is you, like the Krause clan, have found yourself stuck inside watching the days go by and wondering if it is ever going to be nice enough to just get out and enjoy a little nature.
While there is a slight threat of rain this coming Saturday, it does appear much of the day is going to be nice enough to get up from the couch and enjoy doing something in the fresh air.
This Saturday is national get outdoors day. While it is pretty sad we as a nation have to set aside a day to encourage people to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty that is spring in Minnesota, the reality is we as a nation are spending far too much time in front of TVs, computers and other technology when we could be outside being active.
There are myriad things you could do by yourself or with your family this Saturday.
Go for a hike or a bike ride, enjoy the DNR’s offer to take in a state park for free (see story on Page 3), get your fishing license and head down to the Minnesota River  or do one of many other fun things that do not require you to plug something in to an outlet.
Whether they like it or not, the Krause clan is going to be spending more of this Saturday’s daylight hours out of the house, and while that might mean doing a few chores around the yard, it also is going to include just having some fun together.
The opportunities are endless as one enjoys God’s creation, and I am pretty sure after you have done it once it is going to become a regular thing.
We were not meant to be sedentary creatures, so let’s live up to our potential by getting a little dirty this Saturday.

I’m hoping to be in Belview this weekend for the June Small Town Saturday Night. The event starts at 5 and lasts until 9 p.m.
There are lots of fun things going on in town that night from the chance to see lots of classic cars to just enjoying some time with great people.
 I hope to see you there.

In the recent story about the Cub Scout Pack 70 garden, a list of those who have helped sponsor some of the work they have been doing, and as is often the case when making a list someone’s name gets missed.
In addition to those who were listed, the Redwood Falls Nur-sery has also been involved in supporting that project.
My apologies for inadvertently leaving them off the list. I am sure the Buckley clan would not have ever said anything, but they definitely deserve to be recognized.
This is one of those good families in our community who do so much without asking for anything in return. They provide a great example for the rest of us.