When I sit down to write, I can’t have music playing with singers warbling lyrics.

When I sit down to write, I can’t have music playing with singers warbling lyrics.
I end up spending more time listening to the words in the song than concentrating on the words  I’m sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday man you've been a naughty boy you let your face grow long supposed to be really writing.
When I’m writing I can listen to music that doesn’t have words, and often do.
But if I have songs playing with singers singing, I end up listening to them instead of sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely nights dreaming of a song the melody haunts my reverie and I am once again with you writing what I’m supposed to be writing.
I can also handle listening to music in which singers are belting out some language other than English. I strongly approve of people speaking in languages I don’t know, because then I don’t have to listen to them.
I can hear foreign language voices as just another instrument, without un bel dì, vedremo levarsi un fil di fumo sull'estremo confin del mare having to attach any distracting meaning to it.
But when I can understand the words, man, that really messes me up sometimes when I’m trying to dirty old river must you keep rolling flowing into the night people so busy, makes me feel dizzy taxi light shines so bright devote my attention to something more important at the time.
(A hearty handshake and “Well played, Sir or Madam” to the first person who knows what song I stole lyrics from for this column.)
. . . . .
Have you seen that video about the older lady in Oklahoma talking to a reporter next to the ruins of her house after the tornado, and finding her dog, alive and whole, trapped in the rubble?
Well, take off about five pounds and make the legs a little longer, and that dog could be a ringer for Raffi the Dog of Destiny, the Dixon family’s smaller schnauzer.
The coolest thing about that video was the way the lady talked to the reporter for a good few minutes while the dog just lay there in the rubble a few feet away, patiently watching to see what was going on.