Some people are just born to make salads—this recipe will make you one of those people.

Some people are just meant to make salads. My friend Lisa is one such person. She makes her vinaigrette in a wooden salad bowl that, over the years, has been seasoned with garlic cloves, mustard, fragrant olive oil and fruity vinegars. This simple vinaigrette "steeps" in the seasoned bowl while she takes a break and has a glass of wine. Just before dinner, she adds a tangle of salad greens into the bowl with orange sections, red onion and pumpkin seeds and tosses until each leaf soaks up the bright, rich vinaigrette. Then to the table it goes. Choreographed for greatness, where each ingredient dances with the other, this salad is not an afterthought, but a thoughtful part of the meal. A salad to remember. —By Jill Melton, Relish Editor Brought to you by: Relish