In a small town any simple comment made at the wrong place or the wrong time can lead to a tidal wave of “did you know about....”

In a small town any simple comment made at the wrong place or the wrong time can lead to a tidal wave of "did you know about," and as is often the case what started out as someone hearing a comment taken out of context becomes gospel truth around the coffee table or the water cooler.
So, when Dalton Magers' parents were listed in the RVHS Class of 2013 graduation special section and only one name appeared, you can imagine the calls Mark and Jane got.
To put an end to the rumors now, the Magers have not separated. I actually saw them together Tuesday night.
Of course, if I were Mark I might want to play this up a bit.
After all, having another kid graduate from high school means more college bills. If you call it as you saw it, you might get out of paying them.
So, we apologize for the mistake and hope this puts any rumors to rest.

I mentioned I saw Mark and Jane Magers at an event Tuesday. They were at the Redwood Valley Alternative Learning Program graduation program and were celebrating with other families the impact this program has had on a number of students from the community – allowing them to graduate from high school despite falling a bit behind in their school work.
I have been taking in these graduation programs since 1997 and am always impressed with the commitment these students make to ensure they are able to get their diploma.
In some ways high school came pretty easy for me. There never really was a doubt I would have graduated, although I do remember having to finish up my final broadcasting project for Mr. Felt on the last day of school.
I have a lot of respect for these students who, in many cases, have overcome some pretty significant odds. I think in a lot of ways students like this are better prepared for the world than I was when I was handed my diploma.
Congratulations to the Redwood Valley Alternative Learning Program graduates. You can see more from the program itself in Monday's edition.

Over the past week I have taken in five programs at Reede Gray Elementary School.
I was asked by a parent if I had drawn the short straw.
When it comes to school events, such as school concerts I am one who willingly attends.
Seeing the students as they walk in, find their parents in the crowd and then sing their hearts out is probably one of the parts of my job I enjoy most.
In fact, knowing they are all over and the school year has come to an end is a bit of a bittersweet moment for me. Of course, there is always next year.

The Krause clan has been out of school for a couple of days now, and I am sure as you read this they are still doing a lot of lounging around – believing full well they have deserved a three-month break after a hard nine months of shool work.
I had contemplated renting them out to the highest bidder for the summer, but then realized there are plenty of things which need attention in their own backyard. So, to let you in on a little secret the Krause kids are in for a rude awakening come this Monday. After a couple of days of dad's to do lists, they might just wish they were back in school.
It sure is great to have cheap labor when there is work to be done. Perhaps if you want to rent your kids out for the summer I could find a few jobs for them.
Just remember the cheap part I mentioned.