When my emotions were out of control, a nutritionist set me on a path of wellness

I have always loved sugar.  Always.  For Christmas, my inlaws used to buy me the family sized bags of Skittles, Starbursts or Jolly Ranchers.  And I would eat it in on sitting, maybe two, depending on how many cookies I had scarfed down.  

My regular diet consisted of a daily doses of taost with jam, a cup of juice and/or chocolate milk and some fruit, coffee with flavored creamer, soda, cookies, cakes, popsicles.  The list could continue on.  I won't bore you with the details.  What I will tell you about is that my body was screaming at me to stop the madness!

My emotions were OUT OF CONTROL.  I was on a sugary rollercoaster of crazy and it was only getting worse.

 I decided to have a consultation with a nutritionist.  When we sat down and talked about how much sugar I was inundating my body with, she encouraged me to end the battle with sugar and give up all processed white sugar - cold turkey!  Then she encouraged me to not eat natural sugars unless I was also eating protien.

I had my doubts on the way home.  In fact, in her office I felt like I had gone to see a hippy witchdoctor, and I mentioned that and she laughed and told me to keep in touch with her so she can monitor how I am feeling.  I drove home, finishing a Pepsi wondering what life was going to be like without sugar.  I ate ice cream with Easter candy after supper, and I loathed myself.

It has been one month today and I have never felt so mentally strong.  Surprisingly, my body only craved soda that first day, candy cravings continued on for another week or so.  I have found myself in a frame of mind that makes me feel strong, confident and healthy.

The fog that covered my thoughts and mind has lifted.  I am still opinionated, but my self control is amazing.  My tastebuds are reborn!  Things that used to be tasteless or gross now have amazing flavors!  I have entered into a new realm of eating and it is wonderful!  

I go back to see the nutritionist in a month to where we will discuss the outcome during this time of "sugar fasting" but I am happy to say that it will be a lifestyle change for me.