The Red Cross Bloodmobile was in town this week, and the final results were a mixed bag....

It’s sort of a trade-off. The Red Cross blood drive at the National Guard Armory this week didn’t meet its goal, but then again the goal was a lot higher than usual.
“I don't recall ever having such a high goal two days in a row,” said local organizer Laura Kohler. “Some might say it's unreasonably high. Anyway, we came pretty darn close.”

• Goal: 310
• Units collected:284
• 184 whole blood donors
• 50 double red cell (50 donors)
• 29 deferrals
• 277 presenting donors

• First time donor: Michael Barnes, Daniel Kohler
• One gallon: Pam Arentson, Kari Johnson, Annie Bloedow, Linda Zick, Sherry Friese
• Two gallon: Linda Rasmussen, Carmen Prodoehl, Ron Ringquist, Jody Stoen, Gina Ringheisen
• Three gallon: Laura Pendleton, Dean Pendleton, Tom Kramin, Valerie Seime, Steve Medrud, Jim Hacker, Gene Dahms
• Four gallon: Henry Boots, Douglas Eiler, Lisa Hansen, Steve Simning, Eric Krinke
• Five gallon: Bryan Nelson
• Six gallon: Gene Hillesheim, Jean Hillesheim (husband and wife donor team)
• Seven gallon: Joyce McKay
• Eight gallon: Scott Baune, Lois Luhman
• Nine gallon: Richard Gewerth, Sandy Davis, Ervin Paulsen
• 10 gallon: Denis Goblirsch
• 12 gallon: Vern Guggisberg, Mike Salfer
• 14 gallon: Scott Larson, Carleton Bjerke