A few cuts ensure your store-bought pegs will last

Store-bought Shaker pegs can shrink and end up fitting loosely in their holes. To keep pegs from falling out, Club member Frank May of Kansas City, Missouri, uses a wedge to expand the pegís tenon. This method is often used in furniture construction. First, bore a 3/32-in. hole thatís perpendicular to the grain at the top of the tenon. (The hole prevents the wood from splitting.) Next, cut a kerf from the rear of the tenon to the hole with a band saw or handsaw. Cut a wedge thatís the same width as the tenon and slightly longer than the kerf (assuming the hole is deeper than the tenon is long ó see photo). The wedge should be about one-third thicker than the kerfís width. Finally, insert the point of the wedge into the kerf, apply glue and use a mallet to tap the peg into the hole. Itís best to try this on a few test pieces first.
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