The Redwood Falls Lions Cllub will let the runners circle the town this year right before the annual community parade on June 14.

For the past two years, the Lions Club has sponsored a run/walk just before the annual community parade in June.
The 5k run/walk has been popular among runners because it occurs right before the parade starts, so they get to finish the route passing the spectators lining up along the streets to watch the parade.
However, because the 5k started and ended at different parts of town, there was a struggle with some runners needing to get back to their cars at the beginning of the route.
To simplify things, the Lions Club decided to change the route a bit this year.
At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Redwood Falls City Council, Lions Club representative Steve Collins explained the route will now both begin and end at Memorial Field this year.
The route this year will also use new bike trails to keep the run within the city limits, between DeKalb St. in the east and Lincoln St. to the west.
In other news, the city:
• Approved a change of job description for Kim Mauer in the city staff to Financial Controller, and the hiring of Josh Opdahl as Utility Accountant.
• Approved changing the name of Valley View Road in the Redwood Falls industrial park to “Northwood Drive”.
Since there is already a residential Valley View Drive in North Redwood, city personnel were concerned there was too much room for confusion, especially among emergency crews.
Since the renamed road is directly opposite the existing Northwood Drive on the western side of town, it made sense to extend the use of the existing street name to the new location.
• Approved amending the contract with Barr Engineering to include an additional $50,000 for the current city powerhouse project.
Since the contract was originally signed, the project has increased in scope, and the construction deadline has been extended.
• Awarded a $85,077 bid for a sewer truck chassis from Westman Freightliner.
• Approved a change order for the 2012 Phase III Alexander Ramsey park Renovations project.
The $9,000 deduction in payment to Schmidt Construction, Inc., is due to formally changing the “substantial completion date” from Nov. 1, 2012, to Nov. 16, 2012, resulting in a deduction payment of $600 per day.
• Approved a change order in the 2012 Infrastructure Improvements project with Schmidt Construction, Inc. The 10 day delay in completion was determined to be due to circumstances and conditions encountered during the construction period that were beyond the control of the contractor.
• Approved a Consume and Display License Application for Hi-Way Lanes., Inc.