Pat Dodds of Fresno, Calif. has visited nearly all of the 87 counties in Minnesota, but as part of that visit has not set foot in any one of them.
Dodds, who is originally from Iowa got an idea a couple of years ago after literally visiting every county in his home state to try and do the same thing for ever state in the U.S.
“The original trip to see every county of Iowa came about because I’ve always been frustrated when traveling that I don’t have time to see everything,” he said. “So, on that trip my son and I saw pretty much everything in Iowa – every courthouse, every college, every state park, every museum, etc.”
That trip took Dodds 30 days to complete and a good chunk of funding, and he knew although ideally seeing every state in the same way would be a lot of fun it was time and cost prohibitive.
So, he decided to pay his visits virtually by looking up each county one by one and learning everything he could about them.
Called Every County: Minnesota, Dodds has created a blog that includes descriptions and photos of what he has learned about the counties he has thus far visited.
In early February Dodds added Redwood County to that list, including information on our amenities such as the courthouse in Redwood Falls, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, the casino and other things he has learned about as part of his Internet research.
“Minnesota is a state I know some things about,” said Dodds, “but I wanted to know it better.”
Of all the places Dodds learned about during his virtual visit to Redwood County, the one place he said he would love to visit some day is Alexander Ramsey Park.
On a typical day Dodds said his blog has 30-40 viewers, and those who would like to see more of what Dodds has discovered can do so on his blog site at
This is a great marketing tool for our county, as well as every other county in the state, and I want to encourage you to go and check out what Dodds has offered for your perusal.
If you are planning a visit to one of the other counties in Minnesota in the near future this could be a place where you would be able to find out things about that county and what it has to offer to pique your interest.
Dodds’ blog has become, in essence, a Chamber of Commerce kind of site for all of Minnesota. I hope you find it as  enjoyable as I did.

Yesterday was the first day of spring, but we all know it looks nothing like it outside.
I have heard plenty of people tell me they have seen robins already, and I think I saw one this past Sunday.
Someone also told me when you see the first robin spring is certainly on the way, but as the old wive’s tale goes the sighting of the first robin usually means three more snowfalls before the signs of spring begin to bloom.
What makes this time of year so interesting is the fact that despite the cold conditions the snow is melting.
It is hard to fathom how as I walk the streets of town feeling the chill of the wind I can see right in front of me snow that has melted. Apparently it has something to do with the way the sun is in the sky right now.
I don’t understand it, but I definitely am willing to accept it.
I’m still holding out for all of the snow to be gone by Easter.

I took a look at my resolutions list for 2013 recently and have decided it is time I started working toward accomplishing them.
There is no time like the present. Right?
Of course, I could be like the guy who told his friends he had made all sorts of grand resolutions for the new year only to decide several weeks later to give up his resolutions for Lent.