Seriously though, how often do you get a chance to type the words, "Giant inflatable colon"?

The Redwood Area Hospital is sponsoring a health fair on March 26. I believe you should attend for two reasons:
1) To publicize Colon Cancer Month, the fair will feature a giant inflatable colon you can walk through to learn the workings of your digestive system.
2) It gives me an opportunity to type the words “giant inflatable colon”. How often does that come along?
Giant inflatable colon.
Giant inflatable colon.
Giant inflatable colon.
. . . . .
Temporary Confusion Dept.:
Everyone at the Gazette got a new email address last week. If you want to contact me by computer or smartphone, my email now is
. . . . .
Confession: it’s really tough taking flattering pictures of students during a choir concert.
Usually it comes down to a choice between publishing a picture of the students all standing there with their mouths hanging open, or a photo of them all standing there with their mouths clamped shut.
Neither is my first choice. Speaking as a photographer, it’s usually simpler if you just attend the concert for yourself.
. . . . .
In my story “Green Streets” published in the March 11 Gazette, I mentioned the project was developed by Mike and Pete U’Ren.
I neglected to mention Paul U’Ren was a co-owner and developer of the property as well.
. . . . .
What is your favorite comfort food?
Odds are, it’s something you liked as a kid.
Some days, when you’re in certain moods, certain foods are the gastronomic equivalent of grabbing your teddy bear and sucking your thumb when real life hits you with an ouchy boo-boo.
For my North Carolina-born father, comfort food was southern: peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, peanuts dropped into Coca-Cola, etc.
Long John Silver’s fish patties and chicken strips are a comfort food for me because that’s what we’d eat at least once every time I visited my grandparents in Tennessee.
Whenever I see a Long John Silver’s restaurant now, I have to stop not because I necessarily want fried chicken strips, but as a tip of the hat to my grandparents who died a quarter century ago.
For me, comfort food is a lot of the “bachelor cuisine” I ate in college: microwaved burritos cooked in plastic, microwaved canned beef stew cooked in plastic, microwaved cream of chicken soup mixed with rice and cooked in plastic....
I know full well most “bachelor cuisine” is — to put it diplomatically — crap, but there you go. On days when I was feeling depressed, I could go through three or four microwaved beef-and-been burritos at a time.
Talk about a giant inflatable colon....