When you don't meet with people face-to-face, it brings out the nasty, doesn't it?

I am not a fan of social media.
You are not going to find a personal Facebook page or Twitter account that has my name associated with it.
I do dabble with Twitter through an account I have set up for the Gazette, but in the end  I am convinced this method of communication is causing more harm than good.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe any form of communication, especially as it disseminates important information to the public is a good thing. (I would not be doing what I do if I didn’t believe that.) I also think the Internet has become a valuable tool for that communication.
I just think in many ways it has caused problems that could have been avoided if we as a society just met face to face.
I am not the confrontational type. So, when I have an issue with someone else, it rarely gets resolved as it should, because I would just as soon not ever have to confront that issue or the person who has caused it.
Online one can confront people without ever having to meet them face to face, and I find that very troubling.
It takes very little courage to stare at a computer screen and say what you feel, because the person to which the words being expressed is not in the room.
It is easy to get caught up in the emotion of lambasting people or organizations online, because you know there is no direct confrontation going on.
To put it bluntly, people are mean, nasty and rude online, and I am certain many of those same people would never say what they have tweeted if they were looking in the face of the person they were tweeting about.
While I have been on Facebook infrequently, I hear plenty of what goes on through others I know who are part of the social media site.
From what I have gathered, the biggest issue with Facebook is not coming from the kids who are Facebook-ing.
It’s the adults.
Granted, kids can and do post things online they shouldn’t and I think cyberbullying is truly an issue we must put to a stop.
However, I have heard time after time about parents who use social media to complain about their jobs, the school where their child attends and even the newspaper. That’s right. Although you may be surprised about it, there are people who really don’t like everything we do here at the Gazette. (Dripping sarcasm intended). Anyone who has a problem with me should have the courage to come and talk to me about it. Remember, complaints you post on Facebook are not being read by me. I hear them secondhand, which we all know can be dangerous.
So, if we have to use social media let’s be more civil about it, because our kids are watching.

I want to wish the robotics team good luck as it competes in Duluth over the next couple of days. I am sure no one expects in its first year for the team to win, but this is going to be a great learning experience for the program as it continues.
I sure wish they would have had a program like this when I was in school.

Although I have yet to see a robin I know spring is right around the corner for one very good reason.
Dari King is open again.
Life is good.
I’ll see you there.