The Redwood Area Board of Education put together a contingency plan at its meeting Monday night just in case March turns out to include more inclement weather.

The Redwood Area Board of Education put together a contingency plan at its meeting Monday night just in case March turns out to include more inclement weather.
With the school district already calling off three days of school, the potential of having another day without class led the school board to approve a plan that could take away two dates currently scheduled as no school days.
According to Rick Ellingworth Redwood Area School District superintendent, the calendar includes what are known as snow-make-up dates, and those dates then become potential days when school could be held if need be.
The 2012-13 calendar included 175 scheduled student contact days, said Elling-worth, and if things do not change that would mean class would be held 172 of those days.
While Ellingworth said the school district has never had a day for a day policy he also recognizes the importance of having students in school for as many days as is possible.
Having those contact days early enough in the year – prior to the schedule of high stakes tests – is important, Ellingworth added, as it gives more time to prepare the students for those tests.
“Last year we added time to the end of the day,” said Ellingworth.
Board members agreed that plan did not seem to have the impact last year it had hoped to see.
So, the board agreed if there are any more full days off because of the weather it would then hold school April 1, which is a teacher comp day.

The day is listed as a potential make-up day, but the comp day for teachers is part of an agreement that allows them a day off for the hours they spend during parent-teacher conferences.
If that day has to be used, teachers would then have that comp day May 17, which would mean students would be getting out of school one day earlier than is currently on the 2012-13 calendar.
A second make-up day was also scheduled just in case, which would have students in school March 28.
Of course, said Ellingworth that means the snow days would have to occur before those two dates.
Anything after those days could pose other challenges.
Again these dates would only be added as school days if it is necessary as triggered by the decision not to have school. They are currently still scheduled as no school days.
In other action during its meeting, the school board:
• Held a discussion about upcoming capital projects including the replacement of the roof on the RVMS/HS building, as well as replacement of HVAC units. Those costs could reach the $2 million range, with a similar discussion needing to be held about roof work at Reede Gray not so far down the road. The board directed school administration to continue looking into the best way to finance these projects in the future.
• Adopted a resolution approving the real estate sale of approximately four acres of its property to Trident Development, LLC.
• Approved several contacts with the Southwest/West Central Service Cooperative, including health and safety management assistance at a cost of $1,625.69, technology services at a cost fo $2,100, special education services at a cost of $53,226.52 and autism support services at a cost of $3,992.86.
• Accepted the resignation of Margie Buckley, director of the alternative learning program at the end of the current school year. Buckley has decided to retire at the end of this academic year.
• Accepted the resignations of Alicia Halvorson from her position as an elementary special education paraprofessional, Beth Gaffney from her position as an elementary special education professional and Doug Nelson from his position as an RVHS science teacher (Nelson has been listed on long-term leave of absence).
• Approved the employment of Rebecca Remiger as a long-term RVHS math substitute teacher at a salary of $105 per day for the first 10 days and $184.78 per day for the remaining days.
• Approved the employment of Gwenn Harrington as an elementary school special education paraprofessional for 73 days at 3.25 hours per day at $9.25 per hour.