It always does my heart good to walk into my home and see my kids reading....

It always does my heart good to walk into my home and see my kids reading.
This time of the year I see it a lot more, as they are encouraged as part of I Love to Read Month to count the hours they spend reading toward winning prizes but most importantly improving their reading skills.
Of course, there are times when their reading gets in the way of them doing their chores, but honestly I remember being the same way – being told to clean my room only to have that room nowhere near parental  standards hours later because I had found a good book.
The very youngest of the Krause clan have gotten involved in the 1,000 books before kindergarten program through the local library, and my Martha has be-come the poster child for reading these days. There are few nights when someone is not reading a book to her – sometimes the same book a few times in a row – as she intently looks at the photos and listens knowing in many cases precisely where Dad tells the story wrong.
You all know I am a strong proponent of reading.
Like my Martha there are some books I enjoy so much I read them over and over again.
It’s not because there are no new books I want to read.
Rather, I just appreciate certain writers and their ability to tell a tale so much I just can’t stop myself from going back.
I know there are some out there who just don’t enjoy reading that much, and many of you just don’t have the time in their busy schedules to sit down to read. While I argue one needs to make reading a priority, as it helps to develop mind muscle, improves vocabulary and encourages creativity, I know not everyone is going to enjoy picking up Shakespeare or even Herman Melville.
I am confident though, there is a literary genre out there for everyone. There are people who love to read about things I have zero interest in, and I say to each his or her own – just as long as they are reading.
So, the question I ask you is this. What have you read lately?
Although I am a hard copy kind of guy who loves the feeling of a book in my hands, I know technology has allowed for people to read through electronic means, and many books can be listened to as someone else reads them to you.
 Pick up a book today and get reading. There is this wonderfully magic place called the library where you are able to find myriad books, magazines, books on CD or tape (for those of you who like me still have vehicles with cassette decks) and e-books.
It’s called the library.
Stop in and visit some time.

I went to the community meeting Tuesday night not only as a reporter but as a parent and community member and was encouraged by what I witnessed. Some very courageous people got up and told the stories of how loved ones had taken their own lives with others sharing how they had made suicide attempts.
I am willing to admit I still don’t understand it all, but I am willing to keep learning.
I also want those of you to know if you ever need to talk, whether you are 16 or 46, you can come to my office. I may not have the answers, but I can guarantee you a listening ear.
It is my hope, as was expressed Tuesday night that this meeting becomes more than just another time when people get excited for a while but when life gets in the way the excitement begins to wane. Get involved in this issue. Educate yourself. Be part of the solution.