I get into that sappy stuff every once in a while. Of course, it helps to have someone you believe is worth the effort.

I am a romantic.
I'm not exactly sure where it comes from, but I do know I saw how much love my parents had for each other and certainly believe that made a difference.
I remember watching Dad come home after a day of work with flowers quite often – many times when there was no corresponding holiday that would have "required" it.
So, I get into that sappy stuff every once in a while. Of course, it helps to have someone you believe is worth the effort.
I certainly have that.
So, although at the time I am writing this (Wednesday morning) I still have not completely decided how to best celebrate the holiday with my best half, I am definitely going to put my best effort into it.
Guys, I want to be clear with you for a moment. Even though your wife or girlfriend may say they don't want you to make a fuss, they still will appreciate the time you take to make it a special day for them.
Don't skip Valentine's Day.
Whether you buy flowers, candy or are even just getting her a card, do not forget to celebrate this the holiday of love.

I read a bit of sad news when I came to work Tuesday morning. That is when I saw Stacy Daub had passed away.
You may recall Stacy wrote a column for the Gazette for a while called "My Thoughts Exactly," and I always enjoyed what she had to write.
I never met Stacy face to face and only recall speaking to her on the phone one time, but I think we all got to know a little about her and her family through the words she offered.
She certainly had a talent for writing and offered some great personal and practical words with each column she wrote.
Even though I did not have the privilege of getting to know Stacy and her family better, I certainly wish I would have.

I got a call from a local resident Tuesday afternoon wondering about a phone number I printed in a recent story.
Apparently in this past Monday's edition, I added a number to the phone number offered for people who wanted to contact Christina Elberling. The number is actually (218) 269-7813, and if you are at all interested in getting some help with management of your diabetes, I would encourage you to give her a call. Remember, as one who has dealt with diabetes for most of her life, Christina brings personal experience and a lot of energy to the table.

If you are looking for something to do tonight for Valentine's Day, remember the RVMS fifth and sixth graders are performing in the PAC starting at 6:30 p.m. It may not be the most romantic of settings, but I guarantee you are going to have a good time.
It's cheap, too, even with a root beer float after the show.