A number of big-money items dominated the regular Tuesday meeting of the Redwood Falls City Council.

A number of big-money items dominated the regular Tuesday meeting of the Redwood Falls City Council.
For several years, the county has been planning on building a new law enforcement center to house the Sheriff’s Department and jail.
The latest plans call for a $4 million expansion of the current headquarters located a block north of the courthouse.
The plans include continuing to lease space to the Redwood Falls Police Department. Currently, the two law offices share space in one facility.
At Tuesday’s meeting, the council gave their support to a preliminary lease agreement.
Currently, the city pays the county approximately $51,000 a year to lease space for the police department.
Under the new agreement, the basic lease would remain the same for a guaranteed 15 years
The new lease agreement would take the basic $51,200 lease, then add another $32,406 a year for the first 15 years to pay for the city’s share of new construction costs, $609 a year for additional utility payments, and $4706 a year to pay for the city’s share of interest costs.
Final total: $89,221 a year.
The trade off: the police department would gain additional space in the new center.
City Administrator Keith Muetzel said city staff compared the proposed higher lease rate to the cost of the city building its own police department facility, and concluded it was “a fair formula to apply.”
In other city news, the council:
• Approved an agreement with the county on the transfer of County State Aid Highway 31 (that is, the road that runs through Alexander Ramsey Park) from the county to the city.
As part of the agreement, the county would agree to pay up to $100,000 in road improvement costs throughout the park.
Costs of restoring the swayback bridge are a separate issue, and the road wouldn’t be turned over to the city until after the bridge is repaired.
• Approved the $336,073 purchase of a new combo sewer cleaner truck from Elliott Equipment Co and Westman Freight Liner Inc.
The truck, which cleans out the city’s sanitary sewer system, replaces a 1994 unit already owned by the city.
The city had already budgeted $275,000 for a unit of this type, and after trade-in the additional cost to the city comes to approximately $30,000.
• Approved a $2,065,000 Electric Utility Bond Revenue Bond sale to pay for a new hydroelectric plant along the Redwood River.
The 15 year bond would have an interest rate of 2.1663 percent, lower than the 2.7 percent originally planned for when the specs for the power station were approved.
• Approved a $19,376 purchase of a new “Jaws of Life” from Clarey’s Safety Equipment for the Redwood Falls Fire Department.
• Approved $11,106 for new hospital waiting room furniture.
• Approved $15,660 to WESTMOR of Minneapolis for safety upgrades to the airport’s refueling station.
• Approved allowing the Community Center Board being allowed to spend the city’s share of joint city/school $10,000 in funds on several joint projects in the RACC.
• Approved an On-Sale Liquor, Sunday Liquor and Tobacco license for The Sand Trap, LLC applied for by Carmen Prodoehl, new lessee of the Redwood Falls Golf Course.
• Approved an agreement between Redwood Area Hospital and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Group from the Mountain Lake are to provide anesthesia care on a 24/7 basis.• Approved new facility use agreements between the Redwood Area Community Center, and the Redwood Falls VFW, American Legion, Youth Baseball Association, Softball Association, and the Redwood Falls Redbirds.