See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago• “Because he is outstanding, he is absent,” was the explantation given about why pharmacist John Nelson was unable to attend the Jaycees’ Outstanding Young Man banquet given in his honor.Nelson had a prior appointment as part of the state board of pharmacy in the Twin Cities.• The Audacia Study Club, Redwood’s newest, was presented with a scrapbook by Mrs. Robert Nolting to document its activities.• A pilot flying to Brookings, South Dakota, stopped at the Redwood Falls airport because the cabin of his airplane was cold. After the pilot went downtown to buy warmer clothing, he continued on his way.• After 40 years of officially being in the planning stage, bidding finally opened on construction of the longest ditch in Redwood and Brown County history — approximately 58 miles long, between Cobden and Milroy.• The dropout rate for the last few years at Redwood Falls High School was seven percent. By comparison, the dropout rate in Minneapolis schools was 16 percent, while the national average was 33 percent.1988—25 years ago• The Pamida store’s weekly ad featured a casette of the California Raisins singing their greatest hit party songs for only $6.99. • In related entertainment news, with a blizzard hitting the area for the third day in a row, VHS movie rentals were up at all area stores.• In related blizzard news, a busload of auction-goers spend the night at the A&W Wholesale in Redwood Falls because snowdrifts made the highways impassable.• The Redwood Falls Hospital Auxiliary redecorated two rooms as “Hospitel” (i.e., hospital + hotel) rooms for family members making overnight stays visiting patients.• After the Redbirds baseball team was discontinued three years earlier, several organizers announced a meeting to see if there was interest in getting the team going again.2003—10 years ago• Although the high school’s audio/visual room was more or less taken over by digital technology, advisor Jim Scoates said there were still one or two students every semester who made use of the old enlarger and other traditional film equipment.• With tensions up around the world, local National Guard reservists were nervous they might get called up to serve in Iraq, Bosnia, Korea, or even at an airport in the United States for up to a year.• New York-based big media informed the world the United States was in the middle of a near-record cold spell after blizzards hit New York City.By the time the reports hit the airwaves, the cold wave had already passed through Minnesota several days earlier — without comment from the media — and Redwood Falls was enjoying 30+ degree temperatures.• Fifth grade band teacher Gary Bestmann gave parents a treat at the students’ winter concert — he showed a video of their children trying to play their instruments on the second day of the school year, right after they had been handed their instruments for the first time.• RVHS students Krista Nelson, Wes Partch, and Jungtaek Rim placed second in the state at the annual Music Listening Contest sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio.