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  • Living on a farm with five zillion cats means recognizing when one is outside watching your step is wise; in town that is not supposed to be a problem....
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  • Living on a farm with five zillion cats means recognizing when one is outside watching your step is wise.In town that is not supposed to be a problem, but apparently for one Redwood Falls resident it is. I received a post card a while back and the sender, Elvera Ovre, who lives on the 500 Block of Galles Drive, began the letter she wrote with these words. “All dog owners are to pick up dog deposits.”Apparently a smaller dog has been leaving something in Elvera’s yard – mostly around her mailbox, she said, adding on one recent morning she was greeted by one near her front door. That, she wrote, was not a pretty sight.Whether some pet owner is doing it on purpose or just doesn’t know the city rules (it is illegal to deposit animal droppings on someone else’s yard, on a public location or nearly anyplace else for that matter in town, and if you are caught there are potential fines that could be assessed).Elvera gave the impression what is doubly frustrating for her is she doesn’t even own a pet, adding she is not having any fun cleaning up after someone else.So, if you are the culprit, be a good neighbor and pick up after your dog. Leaving that for someone else to clean up is irresponsible and lazy.Just remember to do to others as you would have them do to you recognizing how you would feel if one morning you walked out of your home and stepped on something you did not expect.Do the right thing.…One week ago Tuesday a program called “Hands-On Health” was being offered to students at Reede Gray Elementary School through the Redwood Area Community Education program.The Minnesota Children’s Museum presentation talked about everything from good nutrition to exercise.I could certainly tell as the program’s educator was asking questions of the students what the topic of conversation has been in the classroom and at home, as so many of the questions about being healthy had to do with how to prevent spreading influenza. The kids certainly knew what to say. Of course, as one who spends a lot of time walking the halls, opening the doors and putting my hands on stair rails I am going to continue to err on the safe side and keep washing my hands, too.…I have been receiving phone calls and e-mails about the story I wrote on the county decision to move forward with the Southwest Health and Human Services.Apparently, not everything was correct in the story, as I have been told some of the employees were not offered jobs when the changeover took place.I feel for those people who lost jobs because of this change, but I also believe in the long term the decision to collaborate with other counties in these two areas is going to be the best thing for the county as a whole.I am also convinced this collaboration is not the last one we are going to experience when it comes to county government.For that reason – the idea of not knowing your future – I know I would never take a government job at any level.
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