A letter from Santa mysteriously appeared on my desk last week....

Every year, kids around the world write letters to Santa Claus listing those items they hope to see under their tree when they wake up Christmas morning.
Apparently, Santa is a bit of a writer himself, as a letter mysteriously appeared on the desk of this editor recently.
At the top of the page it read “A Letter from Santa.”
While I could have published the correspondence under the “Letters to the Editor” category, I know there are some of you out there who deny the existence of the man in the red suit.
So, to prevent getting calls, I opted to just share with you some of what he wrote.
Santa paid a visit to Redwood Falls to see the second graders at Reede Gray Elementary School. The students, who had stopped by the senior center in the Ehlers Intergenerational Family Center to sing a few holiday songs were surprised to hear the bells, and then their eyes were wide with wonder as he appeared as if from nowhere.
I was on hand to capture the moment, and witnessed, just as Santa wrote, a very different kind of response from the kids.
“The look in the children’s eyes was a wonder to see,” wrote Santa.
As gifts were handed out to each child, one of the little girls asked her teacher if she could give Santa a hug. Santa admitted being surprised when every child after receiving their gift offered a hug to him.  
While it may have been a bit of emotion, Santa did say this was the “best class of little ones” he has ever met, and he wanted to thank everyone for such a wonderful day in Redwood Falls.
Honestly, I just assumed the guy in the red suit was merely one his helpers, but after this kind of response, although not on official Santa Claus North Pole letterhead, did seem to indicate this visitor was the real deal.
I just wish I would have thought to get his autograph.

This coming Tuesday is the 40th anniversary of the supreme court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.
Early in my life, I was taught the value and dignity of human life by my parents, especially my mom. She was a very committed member of Minnesota Citizens for Life (MCCL), and I remember as kids that meant we came along for the ride. One of my early memories was going to the apartment building off Broadway and there setting up a garage sale to raise funds for the work of the pro-life organization.
I never really gave much thought to why we were there. All I remember is how much work it was to haul in all of that stuff. I also remember being able to bring in a few quarters to get some of the things I wanted.
It is now one of those wonderful memories I have of my mom. I also recall traveling once on a bus to St. Paul to attend the MCCL march.
That march is coming up again this Tuesday, and while I am not going to be there, I know the New Ulm Diocese is going to be taking a bus there.
For those who, like me, can’t attend the march a prayer service for life is taking place today at the Evangelical Free Church here in Redwood Falls starting at 5:30 p.m. A meal follows at Redwood Alliance Church.
I hope to see you there.