See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• A series of Air Force bombing practices in the Worthington area required bombers to frequently begin their practice runs over the Redwood Falls area - frequently at altitudes as low as 500 feet above ground level.
• The 33 members of the RFHS Future Nurses Club stepped in to substitute when school nurse Mrs. Walling was injured in an auto accident.
• When the Gazette couldn’t identify which twin was which in a photo of a RFHS basketball game, sports editor John Schneider suggested the school give the boys tattoos.
• An employment ad looking for year around help on an area beef farm specified the owners were seeking a “Protestant married couple.”
• During a blizzard a gust of wind blew a trailer home off its moorings and onto its side at the Menn-Rose Trailer Home lot on E. Bridge St.
As owner Menno Buller was making arrangements to have the home tipped back into place, another gust of wind came along and did it for him.

1988—25 years ago
• City officials balked at sharing costs when they estimated their share of paying for a new high school’s utilities, sewers, and roads could cost up to $2.1 million.
• When the fire department voted to discontinue running the ambulance service in 1990, the city council assigned the hospital commission to come up with a solution in time.
• State Patrol Officer Floyd Minnick retired after 32 years driving up and down the highways of Redwood and Renville Counties.
• The U.S. Postal Service announced it would build a new post office on a vacant lot in Morton, using the same building plans used for the recent new post office in Franklin.
• Robert Dole became the latest national politician to visit towns near Redwood Falls without bothering to stop here, following Jack Kemp and John Dukakis, son of Michael Dukakis.

2003—10 years ago
• Western Mental Health Center set up shop in “the old garage” on the corner of South Mill and East Second Streets, which was on the National Register of Historic Places.
• Nearly 200 runners took part in the second annual Heart of Winter run from Jackpot Junction to the Redwood Area Community Center.
The runners ran in seven degree temperatures into a headwind that gusted up to 31 miles per hour.
• A 16 year old boy with acknowledged anger management issues caused over $150,000 worth of damage in Morgan, colliding with 22 cars on Morgan streets after an argument with his friends.
Among the cars he hit was the Morgan police chief’s.
Police noted a similar incident had occurred three weeks earlier when a vandal caused over $100,000 worth of damage to vehicles on Sleepy Eye streets.
• The community center formed a curling league, with participants sliding a 42-pound block of granite across the ice arena toward a target painted on the ice.
• Cub Scout Troop 73 went “Sleeping with the Sharks” when they got to camp out at Underwater World at the Mall of America for raising over $500 in a fundraiser.