See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• A man “with a beautiful blond he identified as his wife” entered the Scott-Preusse used car lot and asked if he could test drive a 1961 Oldsmobile, leaving a 1955 Buick as security.
He never returned, although it turned out the Buick was itself stolen from a dealership in Portland, Oregon.
• Seventy-two Redwood Falls property owners were members of the “Over $300 Club”, meaning they paid over $300 in personal property tax. Of those, 18 paid over $1,000.
• August Knoth, born in Germany in 1862, celebrated his 102nd birthday.
When asked the secret of his long life, he said, “I get plenty to eat, plenty to drink. I just go on living.”
• Struggling to land during a blizzard, a Florida pilot needed four attempts to land at the Redwood Falls airport to refuel. His fuel gauge ready “empty” when he finally made it to the ground.
• The Montgomery Ward store’s male employees were finally put on a five-day work week to match the female employees. Company policy had required a six day week for male employees.

1988—25 years ago
• Katie Jo Kuehn, daughter of Marvin and Vicky Kuehn of Belview, was the first baby born at the Redwood Falls hospital in 1988.
• The Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development named Redwood Falls an official Star City.
• Despite blizzard conditions that closed all but one county school, the area only received half an inch of snow.
The dangerous lack of visibility came almost entirely from winds blowing what was already there.
• The school district and sheriff’s department signed a disclosure agreement that would allow the two to share information about students caught using alcohol and other illegal chemicals.
• When the Redwood Falls-Morton High School wrestling team competed at Mound, they found former RFHS wrestling star Howard Leopold coaching the Mound team.

2003—10 years ago
• “Enemy of the People”, a musical written and Brian Steinbach, pastor of the Assemblies of God Church, was in rehearsals for its Easter premier.
• Golfers were out in the 53 degree temperatures at the Redwood Falls Golf Club. They had to get creative and use sticks to improvise flags for the holes.
• According to the 2000 census, Redwood County’s 16,815 residents were divided between 8,447 women to 8,388 men.
• In possibly related news, the county had 1.131 widows who have not remarried, divided between 954 women and 172 men.
• Cardinal wrestler Dusty Myers recorded his 100th career victory, helping the Cards to a fifth place finish at the Benson Invitational.