Every once in a while I get a letter that challenges me to do my job better....

Every once in a while I get a letter that challenges me to do my job better.
I am certainly one who is willing to accept criticism when offered constructively, and I know I make plenty of mistakes.
Yet, when someone challenges my “journalistic courage” my temperature begins to rise.
I recently received a letter from an anonymous individual (unless there is actually someone out there named “Marie Citizen”) that, for all intents and purposes, claimed my reports did not meet their expectations.
First of all, to challenge my journalistic courage with an anonymous letter is a bit ironic, don’t you think? If you challenge someone to be courageous don’t you think you ought to demonstrate the same kind of courage?
Much of what has been challenged recently has to do with the decision by the county to merge with the organization known as Southwest Health and Human Services. This has certainly been a contentious issue, and there have been plenty of rumors floating about town about how the county is mindlessly dumping millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain as they join up with this organization.
In the anonymous letter I received there was the assumption of some form of government mischief going on, which is the constant mantra those who serve the public hear – especially when the decisions they make lead to changes not everyone is going to like. Yet, just because the county is moving in a different direction does not mean there is some sort of mischief going on.
Remember, the men and women who serve at the school board, city and county level are elected, and they do not do it for the money. They are there to serve the people and to do what is right by them.
They all know if the decisions they make do not meet that standard there is always the chance they could be voted out when their term is done.
Some time back I also received another anonymous letter shaming me for an ad that was placed in the Gazette.
When it comes to advertising the Gazette has very little control of the content. No, we are not going to publish something that is blatantly illegal or that we consciously know could be dangerous, but as a public forum, everyone has the right to their opinion.
So, in the future, if you have a gripe with me, feel free to write me, call me or just stop by the office to talk with me.
I am a pretty nice guy (I think) and am CERTAINLY willing to listen to what you have to say.
If, however, you are thinking about sending me an anonymous letter, know it is not going to be worth your time.
If I don’t see a name on a letter or know the name is some sort of pseudonym the letter is not going to be read. I am not going to allow people who have some sort of axe to grind or who believe there is an evil government conspiracy under every rock waste my time.

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