Redwood Falls High School actors have been rehearsing their annual one-act play since November, about the traumas large and small that can affect every teenager.

In the life of a teenager, there are events that take place which to the outsider seem comical, but when they are happening to that particular teenager, they may lead to the end of the world…or not depending on the situation.
In “Note to Self” Bradley Hayward tells the tale of several teenagers and the traumas they may experience on any given day from getting a zit to having to go to the bathroom in gym.
The plight of these teens is being told on the stage by RVHS thespians later this month when the One-Act cast and crew perform the play as part of the sub-section competition being held at Yellow Medicine East in Granite Falls.
“We’ve been rehearsing since the end of November,” said Brittany Sears, One-Act play coach.
Sears said she selected this play because it is a comedy, but also because the script lends itself to lots of parts for lots of players.
The chance to allow as many students as possible to get involved in the theater is ideal at the high school level, and even though there is a limit of 20 students in a One-Act troupe, that still presents plenty of opportunity for onstage experience for those who opt to get involved.
Sears said there is a good mix of students involved.

The list of students taking part in this year’s One-Act production are Ellen Mun-shower, Megan Kipfer, Ahnna Malecek, David Helsper, Tamarah Frank, Kenzie Nes-burg, Sydney Kranz, Maggie Estum, Maggie Godfrey, Kelsey Tom-linson, Anella Stewart, Alysa Gewerth, Anna Polak, Maranda Cable, Jonathan Mertens, TJ Christeson, Alexis Johnson and Anna Hoestermann.
For Cable, this is the third time she has been involved with the One-Act production.
For Cable, being in theater offers her the chance to be a different person, to meet new people and to help prepare for the speech season.
Tomlinson, who has been around theater for several years, is participating in One-Act for the first time this year.
“I like to compete and I like to act,” she said, adding putting her two likes together makes it ideal.
The play itself can only be 35 minutes long, and, according to Sears all of the props and sets have to fit inside of a 10’X10’ box.
Both Cable and Tom-linson said they hope to at leat make it to the Section contest, which is set to be held Feb. 2 in Redwood Falls.
First, however, they have to qualify by getting first or second place at sub-sections which is Jan. 25.