He started out on a production line in college, installing furnaces in mobile homes to make ends meet, and nearly 40 years later Denny Moore is retiring as supervisor at Redwood Falls' Shulte Homes facility.

As a college student, Dennis Moore spent time working at a mobile home manufacturing company in New Ulm on its production line. The company, known as Skyline, provided him the income he needed, as he installed furnaces in 16 mobile homes each week.
Little did Moore know that job would lead to a career that has lasted four decades, including 34 years in Redwood Falls at Schult Homes.
“I had no plans to be in the this business,” said Moore, adding one day he got a call into the manager’s office. “He asked me if I was interested in becoming part of the company’s sales department.”
The year was 1972, and Moore began his career there in New Ulm selling a product that would become a significant part of his life.
Moore, who grew up near Garvin, got drafted into the military in 1968 and served his stint in the military in Germany. His wife Karen joined him and taught preschool on the base while he did his military duty.
When they came back to the states, Karen got a job working in New Ulm, and that is when Moore went back to college. After college he spent more than seven years working for Skyline.
Then one day he was approached by the general manager and a salesman from a new company in Red-wood Falls, and they asked if he was interested in joining their team. Moore started that new role Jan. 24, 1979.

“I have been blessed to be part of a great family here,” said Moore, adding he has always felt honored to say he worked for Schult Homes. Moore is going to be just shy of his 34th anniversary when he steps down at the end of this year.
That’s right, starting after Dec. 31, Moore is going to be retiring from his role with Schult Homes.
Moore announced he was going to retire from his position as division sales manager earlier in December.
Over the years, through some quick math, Moore surmised he has sold 15,000 plus homes to people across the midwest, adding he still sees some of them when he is out and about.
The fact that many of those houses he sold in the 70s and 80s are still standing is a testament to the quality of work offered through Schult Homes, Moore said, adding that focus on creating a sound product has always been a focus.
Moore said the team of people at Schult have been a great demonstration of commitment to creating a good product, adding they helped to make his job easier.
Moore said over the years he has developed a lot of close relationships with people, including fellow Schult team members, as well as dealers across the region, and he said what helped to make his career successful was developing that level of trust.
Moore has been recognized for his commitment to his role through a variety of awards, such as the Eagle Award he received from the South Dakota Manufactured Association in 2010 and his induction into the Minnesota Manu-factured and Modular Home Association Hall of Fame in 2000.
Moore has also demonstrated a commitment to the community, as an announcer for high school sporting events, such as football, basketball, wrestling and track, as well as his time serving  with the Lions Club and as a special helper for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Smiley the Clown.
While Moore said he is stepping down from his role at Schult, he still plans to continue working in those community roles, adding he and wife Karen have no plans to leave the Redwood Falls community which is their home and is the place where they raised their three sons.
In retirement, Moore said he has some plans in store, including doing some traveling.
He also said he is not going to be a stranger to the business, as he is going to make himself available if they need him.
Moore said he is happy for the career experiences he has had, and he is looking forward to the next chapters of his life.