If you want to know who to blame for the blizzard this past weekend, look no further.

I quit.
I acquiesce.
I give up.
After years of taking vacations I am convinced someone somewhere just does not want me to take them.
I’ve shared in the past the confounding climactic issues I seem to experience every time I take a few days off, whether it be rain in June or snow in December, and this past week solidified that reality.
Actually the story begins earlier this year when I opted to take a few days off in October.
There was a four-day period when I opted to enjoy a few days at home, and during that time frame something that seemed a tad out of the ordinary happened.
In the midst of a relatively mild week, I awoke, like the rest of you, to see more than an inch of snow on the ground.
I was frustrated to say the least, and that frustration was compounded this past Friday as the snow began to fall.
Having left town for the day, I had to drive home later that afternoon and “enjoyed” that first real snow of the season.
Then over the weekend, after weeks of great fall weather, the snow came down by the shovel full. In the end, more than a foot of snow fell at the Krause home.
Ironically, just a few miles to the south the roads are ideal, and former Gazette publisher Rick Peterson, who I saw Tuesday afternoon when he was in town, said in Luverne there is no snow at all on the ground.
I know many of you appreciate the snowfall, and to you I say “you’re welcome.”
I also know farmers are likely breathing a sigh of relief, as they know this snow is going to help what are extremely dry conditions in the area.
I have in the past offered to take my vacations based on the best deal I get from farmers who are in need of a little rain, and now I can make that same offer to snow enthusiasts. If I ever take a vacation again and you want to have snow at a particular time over the late fall or winter months, perhaps you need to offer me something in return for taking those days off.
Maybe that is what it would take. Perhaps I ought to go into my vacation days hoping for rain or snow, and then the opposite would happen. I guess we’ll see how this pays out in 2013.

Speaking of weather, you probably read the article I wrote in the Dec. 6 edition about how the likelihood of snow on the ground for Christmas seemed pretty slim.
For the second year in a row, I have written an article, based on information I receive from weather experts, only to have the complete opposite happen.
The 2011-12 prediction was for lots of snow to fall, and we received very little, and the 2012-13 forecast is for less snow.
The only saving grace I have right now is that the “winter” forecast really doesn’t apply for another week, as winter does not officially begin until Dec. 21.
So, perhaps for the true winter season what I wrote is going to come to pass.
What I do know is I have no vacation plans for any of those days. So, I guess for those of you who are already tired of snow that is a pretty good sign.

I was able to take in the Reede Gray Christmas program Tuesday afternoon, and I must say it was a lot of fun.
Hearing each grade perform its music provided great entertainment. I am extremely impressed with the fact that Sarah Crowe, the Reede Gray music teacher, can keep more than 30 songs straight. You still have a chance to see the program today at 1:30 p.m. at the school and tonight at 6:30 p.m.