The Redwood Falls Wal-Mart is working with two local service groups to gather toys for local youngsters, but they need your help Dec. 8.

The national office of Wal-Mart has initiated a new program called FILL THE TRUCK this Christmas season.  
The purpose is to assist in an effort to provide new toys for the children of needy families throughout America.  
To assist in carrying out this new, experimental program, Wal-Mart has sought the services of an established service organization, The Salvation Army.  This program is to be conducted, nationwide on Saturday, Dec. 8, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Wal-Mart is to prepare a list of recommended toys to donate and distribute the list to the customers as they enter the store.
Participating Store Managers have been working with local Salvation Army Units to provide a truck and park it near the entrance to the store and have volunteers to receive and place in the truck donated toys from customers who wish to donate toys that The Salvation Army will then distributed to needy families in time for Christmas.  
The toys are to be in “off the shelf” condition and remain in their original packaging and not be gift wrapped.
Here in Redwood County the Wal-Mart Store in Redwood Falls wanted to participate, but the Redwood County Salvation Army Committee was reluctant to participate.
The Committee has only a few members, all of whom are busy with the regular employment and also carrying out the Red Kettle Campaign again this Christmas Season.  
No one would be available to adequately promote the program nor have direct access to needy families nor time to distributed the donated toys.
However  it was recently learned that the  donated toys received at the Redwood Wal-Mart Store could be turned over to the well established SHARE THE SPIRIT  program   that is already scheduled to provide toys and food and other Christmas gifts to needy families in Redwood County during Dec. 11—13.  
When it was  learned that Wal-Mart was to promote the program, the Redwood S.A. Committee agreed to secure a truck and volunteers  and  to be at Wal-Mart to receive the donated toys and store them in the truck and then deliver them to SHARE THE SPIRIT in the  Armory at the end of the day.  
A truck is being provided by Kohls-Weelborg  Ford in Redwood Fall.
Anyone wishing to volunteer to be a part of a two or three person team to work for an hour or two on Dec. 8 to receive and store the donated toys, please contact Roald Haugan at 507-627-3065 or 507-640-0090 to sign up to help.
Two of the team would be in the store lobby to receive and record donated toys and give the donor a receipt, if desired.
The third member would be out with the truck.  Several volunteers, each working a one hour or two are needed.
Please consider donating a toy on Dec. 8 to help make this Christmas special for some needy child in our area.