Every once in a while, I’ll forget and head up to the local school district toward the end of the school day.
In most cases, unless there is an actual event taking place I’ll either wait until school has been over for a bit, or I go when the school day is well under way. Those who have ever tried to find a parking space at Reede Gray any time after 2 p.m. know exactly what I mean.
It’s kind of comical to drive by the elementary school 45 minutes to an hour before school gets out and already see vehicles waiting in line to get their children.
I understand the importance of getting a good spot, but really – 45 minutes?
Perhaps this, like so many other activities, is really about bragging rights.
People always talk about farmers who have to be the first in the field just to have something to brag at coffee about the rest of the year.
I know plenty of others who seem through their actions, to be doing things just like this merely to say they were first.
I am one who hates being late to anything and try my best to get to events early, but the only way I would be at an event that early would be because I was with someone else who just had to be there early or I forget to change my clock at Daylight Savings Time.

By now you may have seen my better half sporting the new Dodge caravan we purchased locally. When I handed the keys to Kelly I offered her two words – “Merry Christmas.”
Of course, I told her this new to us vehicle would be my Christmas present, too, which means the new TV I had hoped to get this year is going to be put off for another year.
I guess that’s OK, especially if I know she doesn’t have to worry about the sliding door behind her popping open for no apparent reason as she drives down the road. For some reason that makes her nervous.

Speaking of vehicles I saw something a while back that made me laugh.
I am very impressed with the line of muscle cars on the road today, and am jealous whenever I see one – especially the new Mustangs.
So, one day I parked in a lot next to one of the newer Dodge Chargers and saw on the side a slogan I’m not sure has the same impact it may have had at another time in history.
There on the vehicle it said “Powered by Charger,” which I assume is supposed to give it some extra sort of “wow” factor for those who see it. For me, it had the opposite result. When I read that phrase “powered by charger” I thought to myself, “yeah, so are the batteries for my flashlight.”