Why not let Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving, for the whole day?

If I asked you what your favorite holiday in November was, I’d hope you’d answer with the one first celebrated by the Pilgrims and not the one started by crazy shoppers eager to score some deals on Christmas gifts. Yes, we Americans celebrate both Thanksgiving and Black Friday in November, on back to back days.  I’d like to think that Thanksgiving is still the main focus of the third week in November, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people spend their Thursday night waiting in line to get the items they desperately need instead of spending time with family enjoying some turkey.

    As you may have heard, Black Friday will begin at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day at stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, instead of kicking off at 12 a.m. Friday morning. Are these extra two hours of sale shopping necessary? The yearly Black Friday shoppers who get all of their Christmas shopping done on this day would say yes. As for me, I don’t see the need for the extra two hours of mindless shopping.

    Most serious Black Friday shoppers making a stop at stores starting their sales at 10 p.m. on Thursday night won’t be showing up right when the doors open. Instead, they’ll more than likely have to show up a few hours before 10, in order to have first grabs on the items they “need.” Hopefully these dedicated shoppers won’t be sacrificing their Thanksgiving traditions with the early start of the shopping spree.

    While Black Friday can be an exciting outing for some Americans, it can also be a nightmare for others. Imagine having to work a late night shift in a store filled with energized people who will not let anything get in their way of getting their hands on a reduced price item while they could be spending quality time with their family enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner. We have a choice on whether or not we celebrate Black Friday, but these workers either participate in Black Friday or lose their job. To me, this is an obvious reason why allowing customers to start their shopping sprees on Thanksgiving Day is unnecessary and a little out of line.

    Regardless of my thoughts, doors will open to a few stores participating in Black Friday at 10 p.m. Thursday night and millions of shoppers will line up across the country to save a few extra dollars on items they may or may not have bought if not for the marked down prices.

    Black Friday has always been a post-Thanksgiving tradition where I believe it should remain, instead of imposing on a day that’s main purpose is to be thankful for what we have instead of being greedy for what we want.