See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1962—50 years ago
• Redwood post master J.C. Budik got a phone call from his supervisors in St. Paul, ordering him to not sell any of his stamps honoring United Nation director Dag Hammarskjold. It seems Hammerskjold’s name was misspelled on the stamp.
Local stamp collectors protested that the stamps would be collectors items someday.
• Former Redwood resident Harlan Svare, whose dad worked at the Gandrud Creamery, was named head coach of the Los Angeles Rams football team.
• “Buckskin” was the November theme for Redwood Cub Scouts, and den eight observed pioneer days by churning butter and making corn bread at the home of den mother Mrs. Lauren Beran.
• In the space of one year, RFHS coach Phil Hall went from leading the tallest basketball team in district 10 to leading the shortest.
• Participation in parent-teacher conferences at Redwood Falls public grade school was nearly perfect, with 99.9 percent attendance — only one parent didn’t show up.

1987—25 years ago
• A video crew from Colorado flew out to Redwood Falls to interview Coast-to-Coast store owner Don Vance for a presentation to be made to the chain’s national meeting in Anaheim, Calif.
• With the county landfill projected to be filled by 2005, city and county officials began looking into the possibility of creating a recycling center to dispose of glass, metal, plastic, and paper.
• A Redwood area snowmobilers club held its first meeting to discuss plans for a snowmobile trail system they would build around the region.
• The school board put together a list of possible sites for a new high school, with the county fairgrounds being one of six finalists.
• Four area residents were charged with possessing stolen property after a Brookville township farmer visited an antique shop in Clements and saw items taken from his farm during a break-in eight months earlier.

2002—10 years ago
• When Carrot Top performed at Jackpot Junction, he mistakenly called Morton “Milton”. When his error was pointed out, he replied, “Yep, here I am digging myself deeper and deeper in old Milton.”
• Ground was broken for a new cafe in Vesta.
• Brian Sams was named the State Recycler of the Year by the Recycling Association of Minnesota.
Sams started at the Redwood Recycling Center 12 years earlier as a forklift operator.
• The 55th annual National Open Championship For English Springer Spaniels was held in Minnesota for the first time.
Dog owners and trainers from across the United States headed to an empty field in Redwood County, near Vesta, to put their hunting dogs in competition.
• Thirty-five immigrants to the United States, representing over a dozen nations, gathered at the Redwood Area Community Center to become American citizens during Redwood County’s first-ever naturalization ceremony.