It's not unusual for a candidate to win an election, but winning two opposing positions simultaneously is rarer.

There were 61 write-in votes for the mayor position cast in the City of Vesta election Nov. 6.
Of that number, 58 were cast for Corey Jenniges, a lifelong member of the city.
Jenniges also received 49 votes in the election for a city council seat – the spot he filed for and hoped to win.
In other words, when the Vesta city council met Tuesday night to canvass the election results, it declared Jenniges the winner of both positions.
Everyone knew he could not hold both, so a decision had to be made.
Starting in January, Jen-niges is going to be serving as the town’s new mayor.
“I really feel strong support from the community,” said Jenniges, expressing his appreciation to those who voted for him.
Jenniges, who is currently on the city council, actually began his public service career this past February when he was appointed to fill a vacant council seat.
Jenniges said he is honored to have been elected, and he hopes he can live up to the job.
With Jenniges taking the role of mayor, the city now has to take action on the open council seat and are going to declare that position vacant as of January at an upcoming meeting.
According to Jean Gladitsch, Vesta city clerk, the council would then accept applications for that position from city residents and then appoint one of those applicants to fill the four year term. However, the person would only serve two years of that term before the seat would be back on the ballot, based on state law.