On Halloween evening, you can visit Zombieland next to Redwood Valley High School and see what the ghouls in the FFA program have cooked up for you....

One year ago the Redwood Valley FFA Chapter put together a fundraising event during Halloween.
With a brief period of time to prepare for that event, the chapter’s Halloween maze drew a huge crowd, with more than 250 people taking it in.
Now with more than a year to prepare for the second event, one can be certain the Halloween maze in the corn field just to the north of Redwood Valley is going to be more ornate and a whole lot creepier.
“My garage looks like a slaughterhouse,” said Stacy Angermeyr, who is helping members of the FFA Chapter put on the maze. “I just love Halloween.”
The FFA members who have been working out the details from making the paths to creating what they are calling Zombie Land.
From 7-9 p.m. this coming Wednesday, people are going to have the chance to enjoy a good scare at the maze, as they walk through everything from the “town of the undead” to seeing the headless horseman.
The cost to tour the maze is $5, and those who plan to attend are asked to get their ticket in the main lobby area of the school.
After purchasing access, the tour begins with a short hayride from the school parking lot through the wooded area of the land across from the school.
At the entrance to the maze attendees are going to be dropped off and then led through the maze not knowing who or what just might jump out from the corn.
“We want to scare the liver out of people,” said Angermeyr with a smile.
Angermeyr has created the costuming and backdrops for the maze, with the FFA members chipping in to create the mood.
While anyone may certainly come ott he maze, the setting may not be all too friendly for the youngest members of the community.
Angermeyr said there are nearly 50 people who have been volunteering their time, and she said this year’s maze is being dedicated to Stacey Sedin, who passed away in April 2011.
“I think she is the one person I know who loved Halloween even more than me,” said Angermeyr. “I think this should be pretty fun.”
The public is invited to visit he maze this Wednes-day night – that is if you aren’t too scared.