See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1962—50 years ago
• Bob Kallaus went to the Gazette to make a public offer: the two boys who shot holes in the rear window of his car could get their air rifle back if they came to his house to get it in person.
• After hearing the treasurer’s annual report, the members who attended the Redwood County Agricultural Society pronounced themselves pretty lucky — especially considering only 13 people showed up for the meeting.
• Floyd Huffman, an industrial arts teacher at Redwood Falls High School for the previous 27 years, received the first annual Industrial Arts Teacher of the Year award by the Minnesota Industrial Arts Association.
• The Redwood Falls Rotary Club capped off a six-week attendance contest with a steak and beans dinner.
The winning team, with 99.26 percent attendance, got the steak. You can figure out the rest.
• For the second time in several months, the water department had to turn off the water to all the houses west of the river after a hit and run driver flattened a water hydrant.

1987—25 years ago
• After posting a net profit of $32 in 1985, the Redwood Falls municipal liquor store went on to lose over $10,000 in 1986, making it one of two city liquor stores in the state to lose money.
• Cardinal running back Paul Hagert became the third football player in RFHS history to make 1,000 yards rushing in one season.
• The A&W restaurant had an ad announcing it would be open throughout the winter, and inviting people in to dine at the new booths.
• All-Star Wrestling came to RFHS, featuring a 12-man “Street Fight Battle Royal” starring such wrestlers as Chief Wahoo McDaniel, The Midnight Express, Adrian Adonis, Mr. Magnificent, and Russian Soldad Ustinov.
• The Redwood Falls-Morton High School Future Farmers of America held their first annual ag day to teach students at Reede Gray Elementary School about how ag affects their lives.

2002—10 years ago
• A semi-truck’s gears locked while driving up the Y-intersection downtown, blocking traffic while an emergency field axle-ectomy was performed.
• High school students Suzanne Lueck, David Lipps, and Kerry Breyette of Redwood Falls attended a fundraiser for President George W. Bush, and were surprised when they were asked if they’d mind sitting right behind the president on the stage.
When he was introduced, the president made sure to shake each of their hands before addressing the audience.
• The house just to the east of the Redwood Falls Public Library was picked up on a truck and moved to Glencoe to provide a larger yard for the library.
• Governor candidate Tim Pawlenty made a campaign stop at the Calf Fiend cafe, then cancelled the rest of his tour through southwest Minnesota when he learned of the death of Senator Paul Wellstone in a plane accident.
• RVHS girls tennis coach Harvy Shaw was named the Class A coach of the year after leading the team to its 14th straight southwest conference title.