See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

50 years ago
October 1962
• The Redwood Falls school district’s budget for 1962-63 was an all-time high at $742,965 – almost eight times higher than 20 years earlier to serve approximately twice as many students.
• The city council approved hiring a second officer be hired to enforce parking meter detail after receiving complaints that enforcement of double parking and overtime parking wasn’t strict enough.
• Seventy-two fathers and daughters attended the Job’s Daughters banquet at the Masonic hall.
• Senator Eugene McCarthy was the lead speaker at the Redwood County DFL’s bean feed in the armory.
• “A Safari Against Communism” was the theme of the October meeting of the Woman’s Literary Club.

25 years ago
October 1987
• The ELCA synod selected a site for its new headquarters in Redwood Falls – on County Highway 101, just north of the National Guard Armory.
• Redwood Falls-Morton High School vo-ag students visited Scott-Preusse to see the latest technology in automotive repair – a computer engine analyzer.
• The Redwood Falls Board of Education unanimously voted to ap-prove building a new school building – pending approval of the Minnesota Department of Education, a successful referendum by the people of Redwood Falls and approval from the state legislature of a multimillion dollar loan request.
• The city council scheduled a public hearing for a developer seeking a variance on an E. Bridge St. property that would allow him to build a Hardee’s restaurant there.
• Clinical Dietician Dorie Oja joined the health education staff at the Red-wood Falls hospital.
• The Cardinals girls tennis team won its 12th straight District 10A title in a 3-2 win over Sleepy Eye.

10 years ago
October 2002
• “American Libraries” magazine listed the Redwood Falls Public Library as the second best in the nation for cities with populations between 5,000 and 10,000 for the previous two years.
• A group of area veterans from WWII through Vietnam met at Veterans Services Officer Harald Read’s office to discuss the possibility of designing and financing a Redwood County veterans memorial.
• After his Republican neighbors set up lawn signs supporting their favorite candidates, Democrat Elmer Kaardal quadrupled the number of signs for Democrats in his front yard.
• Alison Feldt, 1977 graduate of Redwood Falls High School, made a one-night appearance in town as guest soloist for the St. Olaf Orchestra, sing-ing an aria from “An American Opera.”
• Demonstrating by drilling into a dead hog’s forehead and spraying into the hole with a nozzle he bought at Ace Hardware, Dr. Bryan Nelson explained to the Gazette how he and Dr. Glenn Madsen developed an improved technique to test for chronic wasting disease in livestock and wild deer.