One hundred and 24 years ago, Morton Methodist Church was created — its final service will be held Oct. 28.

In 1888 a group of like-minded believers began meeting in the community of Morton, and from those early beginnings the church known as Morton Methodist was born.
While the congregation began meeting at the Jackson Hotel and in Vining's Hall, the erection of a building was approved, and in 1891 the church was built at a cost of approximately $3,000.
The church which has a deep history in the community of ministry, service and worship celebrated many milestones over the years it has been part of the community.
The congregation is celebrating all that the church has been Oct. 28 in a farewell service. That is the final time the congregation is going to meet.
Morton Methodist church is closing.

According to Les Minter, current pastor for the church, which is part of a two-point parish with Fairfax Methodist Church, the numbers of members just kept going down.
It was at the point where there were 12 members when the congregation voted to close the church.
No, said Minter, it was not an easy decision for the members of the church, but it just reached the point where there just was not enough people to keep things going.
The church has scheduled a farewell service for Oct. 28 at 2 p.m. at the church.
Minter said past pastors of the church have been invited to attend, adding anyone who was once a member of the church is also invited to attend.
Members of the community are also encouraged to come and help the church celebrate its final Sunday and to share memories about the Methodist church.
Minter said those pastors who do attend are going to be given a chance to share their thoughts, adding the farewell service is going to be a time for people to reminisce.
The fate of the building itself is still unknown, said Minter, adding there has been some talk of someone buying the building and keeping it as a church where events, such as weddings and funerals could be held – kind of like a chapel.
The first service was held at the church building in Morton Nov. 1, 1891, with a formal dedication held June 5, 1892. By that time the debt on the church had been paid in full.
The church has undergone changes over the years, as an addition was done in 1968. The church experienced challenges along the way, including a tornado which hit Morton May, 13, 1942 – causing damage to the building.
Minter said while the building is closing the people remain part of a church, and those dedicated people are going to continue doing the work of the church even if they are attending a different building Sunday mornings.
Minter said he has served the church for the past five years and has many fond memories of his time.
He is going to continue as the pastor of the Fairfax congregation.
While the church doors close later this month, Minter said the legacy of Morton Meth-odist is going to live on.