Becoming a mom changed Malori Blare's plans for how to conduct her salon....

When Malori Blare graduated from RVHS in 2005, she already knew she wanted to be a hair and nail stylist.
After school at Ridgewater College, she worked in salons in Marshall and Olivia.
When Blare moved back to Redwood Falls with her husband, Cale, they also had two children in tow: Grace, now three, and Ava, now about a year and a half old.
Blare wanted to set up shop in a local salon, but couldn’t stand the idea of leaving her two young girls for hours a day.
Finally, late last year, Blare hit on a solution: set up a salon space in her home.
“Why should I pay to rent space in a salon, and then pay for daycare, when I can stay here and watch the girls between clients?” she said earlier this week in her new salon.
Blare’s mom can pop in to watch the kids when clients.
Blare opened her new shop on Aug. 1.