After going to school to become a lawyer, and student teaching in India, Lindsey Meyer became RVHS's newest language teacher.

When Lindsey Meyer began pursuit of a degree, her initial plan did not include education.
“I went to college to be a lawyer,” she said.
However, after taking one class related to education, Meyer discovered she needed to make a change.
“I had an advisor who was amazing and really inspiring,” she said, adding after that initial experience she knew her future was a no-brainer.
She would be a teacher.
Teaching is in Meyer’s genes, as her mom is a teacher, and even though for some time she admitted teaching was the farthest thing from her mind because of that connection, she realized all along this is what she was supposed to do.
Meyer, who is originally from Willmar, attended St. Olaf College where she earned a degree in English and secondary education graduating in 2008.
Meyer had a unique experience during the pursuit of her degree, as she did her student teaching in southern India.
She explained the school was for students from around the world whose families had come to India for one of a variety of reasons. She taught English there using an American curriculum, adding the textbook used there is the same one being used in the local district.
Meyer, who is teaching seventh and eighth grade language arts at RVMS, also spent two years teaching high school English in the Minneapolis school district.
After earning her degree, Meyer initially worked as part of a non-profit organization known as TRIO, which served students in schools in the Minneapolis area who were deemed at-risk or disadvantaged.
Her role, which Meyer described as being like a guidance counselor, was to help students who would be the first in their family to go to college. That meant helping them do everything from knowing what they needed to get to post-secondary education to what school to select based on what they planned to study.
Meyer said she opted to teach English because of her own passion for the subject.
“It is what I was best at,” she said. “I love it.”
She also loves teaching it.

For Meyer, teaching language arts to seventh graders is all about making what they are doing relevant, whether that is reading a novel or studying grammar. She also said she knows it is important to divide up her day into different activities so as to prevent the potential of boredom. Of course, one who is passionate about her subject could not imagine anyone being bored.
Meyer said she opted to move to the Redwood area for a few different reasons.
The first is because her husband, AJ Meyer, had already been working in the community as an attorney for Estebo, Frank, Gilk and Munshower.
Moving to the area also gave her a chance to be closer to home.
In addition to teaching, Meyer is going to be coaching middle school basketball this winter, and she said that provides her with a great opportunity to meet students on a different level. She said being active in sports is one way to help build a student’s self-esteem.
Meyer said things are going well, and she is glad to be at RVMS.