The Redwood Gazette officially entered the world of social media earlier this week when we opened up a Twitter account.
The account is going to be updated daily with breaking news, upcoming events and even a few brief comments on recent events, with updates coming on a relatively regular basis – at least two each day.
The challenge for a newspaper reporter is maintaining that 140 character rule.
In an industry where writing at length is the norm in an effort to get the most information possible to you our readers, having that verbosity limited is going to be a challenge to say the least. You can be assured we won’t be using the social media source to trash anyone or airing our dirty laundry. Of course the possibility does exist to offer some thought provoking commentary once in a while just to get people talking.
You can read our Tweets at @RedwoodGazette.
I’m hoping you enjoy our comments and become a follower. We are going to try our best to make it worth your while and as soon as we can figure out how to link our Tweets to our Web site that is going to be available for you.

I am looking forward to spending much of my weekend in Belview as part of the community’s celebration.
While I have been to Old SOD Days for several years, I know the events of the weekend are going to be taken to the next level.
I hope to see all of you there.

The two Krause children who are in the Milroy school band and a prospective Krause clan member who has her eyes set on playing the trumpet in a couple of years came along with me to the Sinfonia performance Sunday afternoon in the PAC, as did my better half and the smallest of the clan.
The kids said they recognized a few of the pieces and said they had a good time.
On a couple of occasions during the performance the conductor, Jay Fishman, talked about how impressed he was with the local performance venue – stating once he thought it was one of the best places they have performed in as an orchestra.
Fishman also said he plans to bring the orchestra back in the future to provide educational opportunities for music students in the area in an effort to help them improve their music skills and to gain a greater appreciation for classical music. I am a huge fan of classical music, but to be honest the best part of the Sunday performance was seeing my own kids hearing some real music for a change.