When the filing window closed Aug. 14, six individuals had filed affidavits of candidacy for seats on the Redwood Area Board of Education.
One incumbent, Jim Buckley filed to serve another term, with Greg Deinken, Clark Grannes, Wayne Junker, Erica Plaetz, John Salmon and Matthew Smith also filing.
Two current board members, Dick Gew-erth and Pam Adam did not file for re-election.
There are three open seats on the school board, with voting for the positions taking place during the November general election.
• Five individuals filed for seats on the Cedar Mountain School Board, including Angie Jemmings, Clay Kleinschmidt, Tim Sandgren, Joseph Sullivan and Richard Tietz. There are four open seats on the school board.
• Barb Hoffman and Jeff Turbes filed for seats in the Wabasso School District. There are three open seats on the Wabasso school board.