See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.


1962—50 years ago • When William Berg of Redwood Falls finished changing the oil in his 1954 Chrysler, he kicked out the block holding the car in place. However, he had forgotten to take the car out of reverse. Seeing the car backing out of the garage toward children playing in the driveway, Berg dived into the driver’s seat, catching his arm between the car door and the wall of the garage. The force drove Berg’s elbow through the double plaster wall, but stopped the car. A neighbor rescued Berg and drove him to the hospital, where he was treated for bruises and released. • During the shortstop golf tournament, the Redwood Falls Golf Club kept the audience back at the clubhouse updated with how the golfers were doing by using state-of-the-art technology: radio walkie-talkies. • The Redwood County fairground got its lawn mowed in a novel way when three elephants grazed outside before the Shrine circus. • An interesting weather fun fact: during the first 28 Redwood Falls weekends in 1962, only four didn’t have rain.  The city council considered passing an ordinance saying, “Resolved: All weekends in 1963 shall occur in the middle of the week.” • Workmen welding in the tunnel at the intersection of E. Third and S. Washington streets accidentally set insulation on fire, flooding the basements of Ehlers department store, J.C. Penny Co., and Nelson’s Pharmacy with smoke.   1987—25 years ago • Former Redwood resident Les Peterson emerged from a three-way tie to claim the Redwood Fall invitational golf tournament title. • Marvin Husman of rural Echo attracted attention when he went shopping in Redwood Falls in a 1972 Ford pickup he’d modified to run on firewood.  Husman estimated the truck ran on a mile per pound of wood chips. • The state Board of Animal Health quarantined three Redwood County swine herds believed to be infected with pseudorabies. • Residents near the airport attended a county planning commission meeting to protest against a Utah-based company’s proposal to open a 12 acre kaolin mine east of the Redwood Falls airport. • Robocop and Spaceballs were the movies playing at the Falls Theatre.   2002—10 years ago • Frankie Avalon, and the duo of Jan and Dean, performed at Jackpot Junction Casino, making time to visit the Redwood Area Hospital’s annual fundraiser. • Redwood County Human Services estimated the county spent $1 million dollars a year placing children in foster care. • A month after being sentenced to 90 days in jail for assault, a Redwood Falls man solicited a court-appointed attorney to try to change his plea after-the-fact from guilty to not guilty. The judge denied the order, pointing out the defendant had announced in court he wouldn’t follow any conditions set on him for probation anyway. • Mike Smith won his fourth Palmer Kise Invitational at the Redwood Falls Golf Club. • The Childrens Theatre performed its summer musical, “Once Upon a Lily Pad.”