See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.


1962—50 years ago • The manager of the new Rainbow Briquet Manufacturing Company in North Redwood said if plans went well, the firm hoped to hire up to 21 workers, and be using 12,000 cords of wood a year to produce up to 8,400,000 pounds of charcoal a year. • Korean War veteran Lt. Robert C. Budik was named the new commander of Redwood Falls National Guard Company C. • At the North Redwood school, sixth grader Allen Larsen and fifth graders Everett Jensen and Gary Simondet held perfect attedance records for the year. • Annie Kristina Olsson of Sweden became the ninth foreign exchange student to visit Redwood Falls High School. She stayed for the year with the Carl Lussenhop family. • Rev. George Koistinen of Breckenridge made his third appearance at the Minnesota Inventor’s Congress, explaining that inventing and missionary work went hand and hand for him.  Among Koistinen’s inventions for 1962 was a garbage can with an automatic lid operated by a foot pedal.   1987—25 years ago • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced it would shut down the Redwood Landfill after the owners missed a voluntary closure deadline. • Ninety-seven seniors received their diplomas from Redwood Falls-Morton High School.  • Derrick Johnson and Toni Peterson were named the most valuable athletes of the year at RF-MHS. • The county board threatened to revoke a two-year conditional use licence to Hubbard Broadcasting of the Twin Cities if a 1,200 foot tall tower they installed near Vesta didn’t stop interfering with locals’ TV reception. • The city agreed to buy a house at the intersection of Gould and 2nd Streets, with the idea it could eventually be torn down to extend Gould St. all the way to Highway 19/71.   2002—10 years ago • Bobblemania hit Redwood Falls when the Minnesota Inventors Congress unveiled its official souvenir for the year — a caveman bobblehead. • The Women of Today named the Redwood Falls Fire Department as the grand marshalls of the community parade. • At age 91, Don Tiffany was the last charter member of the Redwood Falls Rotary Club still active. He helped get the club started in 1947. • Thirty-six homes in North Redwood lost power when a steel grainbin was blown off its foundation and hit a power line. • Monsanto announced it would be moving its soybean conditioning operations to a new facility several miles out of town on Highway 71 South.