See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.


1962—50 years ago • A University of Minnesota preliminary study showed there were many almost extinct varieties of flowers growing there, and that most of the trees were still in the live state of growth. • When former mayor A.J. White cast his ballot in the school board elections, it was the 54th year in a row he had voted in a Redwood?Falls election. • The Redwood Ringer Flingers horseshoe team lost its match with Springfield by one point — 1.052, to 1,051. Orin Register led the Redwood team with 72 ringers. • Gerald Patten was elected chair of the Delhi Loyal Scotties 4-H meeting in the Delhi Public School. • The city council approved plans by city engineer Kenneth Mertens for a new concrete and wood baseball bleacher section to seat 375 people at Memorial Field.   1987—25 years ago • In 1976, a New London High School student lost his class ring while visiting Ramsey Park. Eleven years later, while exploring the park with his metal detector, Gary Larsen found it in the picnic area by the golf course and returned it. • After the Robbins family of Morton gave Snibber the cocker spaniel to a family friend in Bird Island, the dog escaped and turned up back in the Robbins’ yard three days later.  The Robbins decided to keep him this time. • The city council approved plans by city engineer Ron Mannz to place four mailboxes on a center island in the street in front of the post office, allowing people to mail letters from their car. • A survey showed that 624 Redwood Falls residents were over 65 years of age. The survey estimated that by 2037, the over-65 population would be 1,092. • A construction crew patched over 20 holes in the law enforcement center’s roof.  When the new section of the building was set up in 1982, the roof was apparently covered with a plastic material that hadn’t been designed to withstand the Minnesota seasons.   2002—10 years ago • After rains delayed construction, the Redwood Speedway paid a crew $500 an hour to finish setting up 45 new state-of-the-art metal halide lights around the track before the season’s opening on Sunday. • Austin Tiffany was named an Eagle Scout, continuing a family tradition: his grandfather, father, a couple uncles, and his older brother were also Eagle Scouts. • Jason Davis, of KSPT’s “On the Road” programs, visited Sunwood Nursing Home to see how optometrist Dr. Roger Pabst did house calls in his mobile eye-exam trailer. • The Audicia Study Club added another five planters to the 15 already in front of stores downtown. • Bald eagles were making a comeback in the Minnesota River Valley. After their population was nearly wiped out by pesticides earlier in the century, three sets of nesting pairs were known to be within a 12 mile-radius of Redwood Falls.