The U.S. Constitution is even better when you see it — or a reasonable facsimile — in real life.


This past Friday morning I?loaded onto a Wabasso Public School bus with 37 sixth graders, six other chaperones and one bus driver for a drive to St. Paul as part of the annual field trip to the Capitol. Three years ago I made the same trip with Caleb, and this year Mimi was going. I?volunteered early for the chance to make the trip. While I have seen the Capitol building several times and have made the trip to see the horses myriad times, it is always fun to sit and listen to the story of the history of the building. Unfortunately, I?was a bit distracted by our tour guide’s consistent mispronouncing of Sen. Gary Dahms’ last name. How she could pronounce Swedzinski and not Dahms is certainly beyond me. While I quickly recalled just how uncomfortable it is to ride on a school bus (this has nothing to do with our excellent driver, Mr. Guetter), I still had a good time talking with my Mimi and watching the kids during the ride. It is so funny to see students on a bus get so excited as the bus rolls onto much more heavily trafficked roadways. They wave and wave trying to get the attention of the vehicles next to them. I’m just not sure why this is so appealing. Anyway, after the bus unloaded and we took the tour of the place where the governor, Senate and House meet together, we had a chance to visit the Minnesota History Center. Before arriving I?heard from Wendy Haavisto, Sen. Dahms’ legislative aide, that the U.S. Constitution was on display. I?had not heard that, so I?was a bit excited to know I?would see such an important piece of American history. So after making the rounds through many of the exhibits I had seen on previous visits, we walked into the room where the original copies of the Minnesota Constitution were on display. Also in the room was an early copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. While not the actual document, just seeing this important piece from the story of this country’s formation was certainly fun for me. (I’m just not sure the kids in my group were as thrilled as I?was.) If you have never been to the Minnesota History Center, I?would encourage you to take your family to visit. There are a lot of family friendly and interactive exhibits for you to enjoy. The bus also made a stop at Fort Snelling, and while I have also been at this important historic site many times in the past it is a place I?always look forward to visiting. Had we only visited that site for the entire day I certainly would have had a good time. I’m not sure about the students, though. A field trip like this is about letting the kids have a good time and hopefully learning something along the way. Usually, they like the gift shops the most. I?would make this trip every year if I could, and I hope to make it with Krause kids at least four more times. … I made a trip to Morton Monday night to sit in on a DAFY (drugs and alcohol free youth)?event at city hall. While I?had certainly heard about this group, I?was not all that familiar with what it does. That night, the 20-plus parents and kids in attendance heard presentations about the importance of keeping youth away from alcohol and the important role parents play in that prevention effort. If you live in the Morton area I?would encourage you to get involved with this group. They not only offer good education programs, they do community service projects. If you would like more information about DAFY, you can contact city hall at (507)?697-6912.