I want to officially welcome home the members of the Minnesota National Guard who were in the Middle East and returned home over the weekend.


A couple of years ago, I?stood at the side of a bean field and watched as the vision of a baseball field was presented to me. My initial thought was this guy is crazy and there is no way it is ever going to happen. Within the past couple of weeks the reality of the vision of the Milroy Irish became a reality for me when I?saw a huge green sign with the words “Irish Yard” on them – a sign that can be seen from TH19. While putting up a baseball field is certainly a major feat, what makes this field great for me is it’s literally in my back yard. From the windows on the north side of the Krause home I?can see the huge white letters, and by walking a relatively short distance I?can see the full-fledged field erected through the efforts of many, especially the Bob and Peggy Dolan family. What also gives this field more of a personal connection is the fact my kids have been there to help with the construction. Both Caleb and Amos have been able to go down and lend a hand, and I know that has added to the excitement for them, too. Within just a few weeks the very first game is scheduled to be played at Irish Yard (opening day is scheduled for June 2), and you can be sure the Krause family is going to be there to enjoy all of the festivities. I enjoy watching good baseball, and I?am confident the games I am going to see over the next several years at that field are going to be entertaining. Congratulations, Bob, Peggy, Anthony, Lucas and Dominic (as well as the myriad others who made this field come to fruition). The field looks great, and I?am definitely looking forward to enjoying a hotdog while I?watch America’s pastime. Kevin Kostner would be proud, and I am glad you proved my initial reaction wrong. Go Irish. … I want to officially welcome home the members of the Minnesota National Guard who were in the Middle East and returned home over the weekend. Unfortunately, due to a communication mix-up, the Gazette was unable to be there for your arrival. We have heard other members are going to be arriving soon, and we think we have the issues worked out to ensure we are going to be there when the rest of the members roll into town. It is my hope the community has some sort of special celebration for the entire group when everyone has come back. It is also my hope we as a community recall these soldiers have been away from home for some time. It behooves each of us to not only offer each of them a pat on the back for their service but also to remember as they are getting acclimated to life back home that we are all going to have to be a little patient. On behalf of my family, I?personally want to thank each of you for your service and to offer any help we can be to making your transition back into “normal life” an easier one. … Tomorrow four RVHS speech team members are going to be competing in the Class A state speech tournament.  I want to wish Sam, Brooke, Justine and Ahnna good luck. I know you are going to make your community proud.  … I?know many of you have already started (maybe even finished)?planting your garden.  I?am hoping the frost in recent days has not done any damage to any of your tender plants if they were already planted. Even though it has been an ideal year for early planting, I am still waiting until the end of May before anything goes in the ground. By that time many of you may be harvesting.