See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.


1962—50 years ago • Attorney Hollys Gay Dotson, a 1928 graduate of Redwood Falls High School, announced her candidacy for the Montana State Supreme court.  If elected, she would become the fourth female member of a state supreme court in the U.S. • Results from the 1960 census showed that Germans topped Scandinavians in Redwood County by 2,330 to 1.549. Another result: one third of the county’s adult males were veterans of one war or another. • The Nelson-Schjaastad hardware store sponsored a “Decorate a Dream House” contest, in which entrants colored an outline drawing of a rambler house cut away to show interior rooms. First prize was “a fully motorized home barbecue wagon worth $44.95.” • For the sixth year in a row, RFHS had a finalist in the Minneapolis Star’s annual World Affairs contest.  Gary Lindeman, 16, beat out nearly 15,000 students from across the upper midwest to make the next round of the contest. • After falling into a window well of an apartment building on Bridge Street, a beaver was snared and taken to the Ramsey Park zoo for observation.  First observation: it didn’t like dog food.   1987—25 years ago • Estella Hepner, a resident of Sunwood Care Center, celebrated her 100th birthday with a party hosted by her friend, Lillian Dittbenner, also 100. • The annual Early Bird Fishing Contest began, with entrants having until May 14 to catch as many fish as possible from Lake Redwood. • The city council heard a proposal from a committee seeking to attract the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in America synod headquarters to Redwood Falls. • Area realtors were optimistic that local farmland prices — hovering near 1930s levels — would encourage land sales. • Chuck and Jim Schmidt, of Redwood Band and Instrument Repair, were presented with their first official dollar from the chamber of commerce.   2002—10 years ago • The Southwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minnesota held its 2002 Assembly at the Redwood Area Community Center, filling the fieldhouse with worshipers. • Tyler Pendleton, 10, came within one shot of winning the state Knights of Columbus free throw shooting contest in a four-overtime shoot-out in Belgrade.  Pendleton hit 38 out of 42 baskets, while his opponent hit 39 out of 42. • The Minnesota Inventors Congress won a federal $68,000 grant to help fund its inventors support activities.  • RVHS special education teacher Shawn Polak shared her special avocado/tofu dip recipe in the weekly “Cook’s Corner” feature. • Jack van der Geest, one of the last remaining survivors of the Buchenwald Death Camp, spoke at RVHS about his experiences as a World War II holocaust survivor.