See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.


1962—50 years ago • A softball game scheduled at Westside park was canceled due to the city running out of places to dump snow, and piling eight feet of snow on the field as far as second base. • A record number of local phone calls went through the Redwood Falls Northwestern Bell telephone office: 2,028 calls in one day. The day was complicated further when two switchboard operators couldn’t make it in to work due to blizzards. • The school district’s long-standing policy of holding school no matter what ended when the Lincoln School boiler went on the fritz, and school was canceled for a day. Superintendent Reede Gray guessed the last time school was canceled because of a weather emergency was a half-day in the early 1950s when flooding shut off the school’s water supply. • Farmers State Bank of Morton had a fly-in customer when Ray Hulett flew his ski-equipped Piper Super Cub five air miles to Highway 19/71. Landing on the highway, he borrowed a neighbor’s car to drive in to town and visit the bank. • Two cars carrying RFHS students to the District 10 one-act play contest in Sleepy Eye went off the road south of Morgan due to blizzard conditions.  When the cast members got back to Redwood Falls, they found out the contest had been canceled after the Morgan and Belview casts had arrived. The casts spent the night in a Sleepy Eye hotel. (Several days later, the RFHS cast went on to win the event.)   1987—25 years ago • A county liquor retail group, aided by Representative Howard Miller of Redwood Falls, pushed a bill in the state legislature that would require that keg beer be sold only to actual liquor store, but not to the general public. • Uptown Texaco began selling ethanol gasahol.  • The Morton Board of Education banned tobacco use on school grounds, on the district’s school buses, and in district-owned vehicles. However, the decision didn’t have a major effect on school operations since only one school employee smoked. • Dry conditions resulted in the fire department being called to four out-of-control grass fires within two weeks. • When Gazette publisher Jim Eykyn decided to contest a traffic ticket, he showed up at court to defend himself. Then, when the judge walked into the courtroom, Eykyn remembered all the editorials he’d written criticizing the judge’s decisions over the years.   2002—10 years ago • Thanks to a 70-51 victory over MACCRAY in the Section 3AA title game, the RVHS boys basketball team was headed back to the state tournament after a one year break. • A renter in a trailer court called the owners to ask if they could plow the snow out from around his car. The owners said to leave the keys in the car and they’d take care of it in about an hour. The renter called back a few minutes later to mention that, oh, by the way, his wife was already in the car, and was in labor. • Private Andrew Canady was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for life-saving actions he took when he came upon a crashed car while driving home from National Guard exercises. • The Sons of the American Legion set up a new flag pole at the Redwood Area Hospital. • When comedian Gallagher visited Jackpot Junction Casino, he gave Randy Mages of Morton tips on how to smash things with his Sledge-o-Matic.