For die-hard Viking and Gopher fans like myself, it’s been another wonderful start to the fall.
Only these two inept, perennial losers could ruin the return of football to the landscape.
I’ll give the Gophers a bit of a pass, they’ve got a new coaching staff in place and sadly a head coach who obviously has some major health concerns.
That doesn’t take away from the fact it’s the same old Gophers.
It’s classic actually, they had a chance to win in L.A. to open the season against a nationally ranked USC team but found a way to fall ‘just short’ for yet another ‘moral victory.’
They then turned around after a legit effort on the road only to get beat by a New Mexico?State team at home that now has losses to Ohio University, UTEP and San?Jose State.
As I was wallowing in self-pity, watching the Gophers get owned by North Dakota State at home it finally hit me, I may never see a Gopher Rose Bowl.
Seriously, think about it, you can imagine a young father telling his son back in 1962 after the Gophers beat UCLA 21-3 for the Rose Bowl title, ‘They’ll be plenty more where this one came from son!”
That guy has passed on and his son is now 60-years old and we’re still waiting.
When you’re a Big Ten program that couldn’t finish in the middle of the pack of the old NCC?Conference, you’ve got major problems.
Despite a beautiful new stadium and enough amenities to bring in some decent recruits, the bottom line is the Gophers will never recruit at a high enough level to compete with the upper echelon teams in the conference.
I know it’s gone from bad to worse when I long for the Glen Mason days and an annual Sun Bowl berth.
Sadly for Minnesota fans, embarrassing Saturday’s only lead into laughable Sunday’s as the Vikings recently became the only team in NFL?history to blow double-digit halftime leads in each of its first three games to start a season.
I was completely wrong about Donovan McNabb, I thought he would come in and provide some leadership but he’s just going through the motions.
McNabb has just one turnover in the first three starts but has disappeared in the second half of three straight winnable games and has no heart.
I’ll take Brett Favre and his INT’s over McNabb anyday, at least Favre has a pulse.
Interestingly, the Vikings have nearly the same timespan of ultimate ineptitude as the Gophers.
The Vikes came into the league in 1961 and 50 years later still have no Super Bowl titles to their credit.
In fact, the Vikings last Super Bowl appearance was 34 years ago when they got blown out by John Madden’s Raiders.
I will say this, the fact that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl probably overshadows a long history of playoff success.
Two years ago we were within overtime of playing in the Super Bowl and have reached the NFC title game three times in the last 13 years.
As Detroit fans all dust off their Barry Sanders and Herman Moore jerseys and ride the wave of an improbable 3-0 start, I thought to myself, they’re due.
Vikings fans tend to play the “woe is me” card quite a bit and I’m one of ‘em, but let’s be honest, you could’ve been a Lions fan for the last 40 years.
How bad have the Lions been over the last four decades? In the modern Super Bowl era, Detroit has one playoff win since 1970. That’s right, one.
The Lions are 1-9 in playoff games with its lone victory coming 20 years ago over Dallas in a Divisional Playoff match-up in 1991.
Detroit’s last trip to the playoffs was in 1999, where they lost 27-13 to Washington and they haven’t won a Division title in 18 years.
Sadly, the new battle cry for championship-starved Minnesota fans is “How about those Lynx!”
Really? Wow, Minnesota sports have hit a colossal lowpoint.