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  • RCW lists Sacred Heart school building on eBay

  • Want to buy a school? The town is Sacred Heart has theirs for sale, online.

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    In an effort to cut its costs the Renville County West (RCW) School District’s school board opted to close its building in Sacred Heart and to move all of the students in Grades K-12 into one building – the site in Renville.
    That left the school building in the Renville County community empty and unused.
    “The building has really been on the market since the day the school board made the decision to transition all of the students over here (in Renville) to one building,” said Lance Bagstad, RCW superintendent.
    While the building has been “on the market”?the school district still had some unanswered questions regarding its own future.
    After all, because the students were all in one building, space became an issue, especially as it related to the athletic program.
    “We started talking about using the gym and commons area of the Sacred Heart building for our junior high and wrestling programs,”?said Bagstad.
    One of the challenges, the school faced, however, was the fire marshal who required changes to the building.
    (For the rest of this story, see the April 19, 2010 print edition of the Redwood Gazette.)