Friese echos 1941 snowstorm picture


Last week Clara Friese wanted to show her relatives in other states how much snow fell in Redwood Falls in recent weeks.

She went out into the street in front of her house at 110 W. Chestnut Street, took a photo, and said, “I’ve seen that before.”

Back inside, Friese dug through a box of old photos given to her when she bought the house.

And sure enough, she saw another version of the photo she had just taken.

It was in black and white, and some of the details of the house were different: the front porch, the chimney, the size of the windows.

But there was a 1941 photo  showing the house’s then owner, Elsie Amberg, standing on the sidewalk holding a snowball, demonstrating how much snow was piled up in front of the house.

Friese said the house, originally built in 1881, was originally surrounded by farmland; the neighborhood slowly grew up around it over the decades.

Friese recreated the photo last week, standing in the same spot as Amberg. For a sign of how the neighborhood has changed, compare and contrast.