Halloween safety and school calendars affect everyone.


SAFETY FIRST    Saturday is Halloween. We all know what that means in our communities, but it certainly never hurts to offer some reminders all of us ought to heed as the day when trick or treaters are going to be out on the streets in force. What follows are a few safety tips to remember this Halloween. (You can see a more comprehensive look at Halloween safety tips on Page 5.) First of all, when Saturday rolls around there are going to be lots of kids darting in and out of the darkness. These kids influenced by sugar overload are going to be excited as they move from house to house hoping to score more sugar. If you plan to be out and about, be a little more patient. If you plan to be on the road, make sure you drive cautiously. Parents, Saturday provides a good opportunity for you to remind your children about proper road safety. It is never a bad idea to remind them about looking both ways before crossing the street. Halloween can be a fun night for a community, but it seems on many of these nights trouble can occur. We want to encourage parents to also remind their children Halloween night does not give them a green light to get into trouble. Leave your neighbors pumpkins alone, and no matter what avoid the temptation to pay back the people who gave you that nutritious snack instead of sugared sweets. Remember, kids, the police do not take off Halloween night. They are going to be out in force, and they are watching for you. If you are not so keen on the idea of celebrating Halloween by knocking on doors, there are always safe alternatives. The Assembly of God Church is hosting its Kids Fest Saturday night. There is plenty to keep your kids busy, and there is always plenty of candy to go around for everyone. While we know Halloween is often considered a holiday for the kids, we also realize there are more than a few adults out there who like to celebrate the night, too. Remember, if you plan to enjoy a few adult beverages Saturday night, you better have a plan in place so you don’t have to drive yourself home. Find a designated driver. Those aforementioned law enforcement officers are watching you, too. Halloween can be a fun night for a community. Let’s all do our part to make sure it stays fun by being safe Saturday night. Happy Halloween.   EARLY STARTS   The Redwood Area School District, is conjunction with 24 other southwest Minnesota schools, are again putting together a plan to add more high impact learning days to its calendar for the 2010-13 school years. The original plan, while pressed for time and ultimately rejected by the Minnesota Department of Education, was a good one, because it focused on getting students what they need – more time to prepare for standardized tests and more time earlier in the year when they seem to be more attentive and ready to learn. This is a plan that has the best interest of the students in mind, and we think moving ahead with an enhanced proposal is the right thing to do. The public is again going to have the chance to weigh in on this topic as the process moves forward. Get involved, but most importantly, do what is best for the kids.