See what was going on in Redwood Falls this week 50, 25, and 10 years ago.


50 years ago

October 1959

• President Charlene Krinke announced the Redwood County Rural Youth Halloween party was a “backwards” party, i.e. all of the guests were instructed to wear their clothes backwards.

• Four city garden clubs started on the same night at a meeting in the little theater of the high school. 

About 75 prospective members were invited to join the club nearest their home, but were allowed to join cross-town clubs if they wanted.

• The 1959 community chest drive (similar to today’s United Way), was $2,900 short of its goal. Cash and pled-ges totalled $5,800, compared to the $8,700 goal. 

• A miserably cold 35 miles per hour north wind blowing across the field helped the Cardinal football team win a 34-0 victory over the Marshall Tigers. 

Afraid to punt into the wind, the Tigers repeatedly placekicked most of their punts right into the Cardinals’ hands.

• The Redwood Falls American Legion won one of 11 national a-wards celebrating its contributions to the local school patrol program.

25 years ago

October 1984

• Several members of the Redwood Falls Ministerial Association spoke out against the town allowing liquor sales on Sunday, an item on the coming Nov. 6 city elections.

• Redwood Falls High School social studies classes teamed up for a mock presidential election in the school cafeteria, complete with banners, bands, and flying confetti. Sara Weber and Jeff Vance represented the Green Party (not related to the later, actual Green Party,) while Matt Martinez and Troy Larson were chosen as the Blue Party candidates.

• Dentist Greg Ham-mers, pharmacist Scott Nelson, and podiatrist Bruce Neumann were elected to the governing body of Health Systems Agency Six, a health planning agency re-sponsible for 27 counties across Minnesota.

• At the end of October, the Redwood Falls United Way had netted $24,144 toward its goal of $40,000.

• An informal poll of 104 Redwood residents by the Gazette predicted Ronald Rea-gan would win re-election in the 1984 presidential elections. Final score: Reagan 66 votes, Mondale 38.


10 years ago

October 1999

• The 40th anniversary edition of the Western Saddle Club Association horse show, considered one of the largest all-breed horse shows in the world, was dedicated to Doug and Kay Jensen of Redwood Falls to celebrate their contributions to the professional horse world.

• Thanks to a cooperative agreement with several other regional schools, Redwood Valley High School girls had the option of playing hockey at the high school level.

• Shovels in hand, local dignitaries officially broke ground for the Redwood Falls Com-munity Center.

• Betty and Mark Galstad threw a monkey wrench into the Redwood Rollers Hall-oween square dance by showing up with masks and a little gender cross-dressing. Try square dancing when you don’t know if the person next to you is male or female. Think about it.

• Hard hitting investigative journalism by Gazette staff proved that “The Legend of the Haunted Cow House” turned into just a disappointing trip out to an abandoned farmhouse a dozen or so out of town.  No cow bones were found in the house, as reporters were led to believe.