Don’t make excuses for Big Tobacco



Your recent editorial on smoking (“The clear way?,” Oct. 5) argues tobacco companies should be cut some slack because they generate jobs and tax revenues.

Excuse us? 

Since when is it OK for an industry to kill its customers simply because some people are making money off of it?

Statistics show 443,000 Americans die of diseases caused by smoking every year. 

That’s nearly one fifth of all deaths –  5,500 of those deaths occur in Minnesota. These people are dying because one industry has been allowed to sell them a product that is both addictive and deadly.  

Yes, the tobacco companies and government are making a bundle off them in the process – and you think that’s a good thing?

As a business that knowingly sells killer products to people who are already addicted to them, Big Tobacco is truly unique.  Any other industry that killed so many people would never be allowed to start up today, and no one would, or should be, making excuses for them.

– Bailey Boots, Tyler Church and David Houghton

Redwood Valley High School

Redwood Falls